1858: * The Alamo Rifles are chartered. This local volunteer company, organized to protect citizens from attacks by Indians and bandits, appears to have been mainly ceremonial in function : members dressed in bright uniforms from New York and graced social events in San Antonio.
Alphabetical List of the Alamo Rifles As published in the Twice Weekly Alamo Express, February 20, 1861
Captain William Prescott
1Lt. B. Buquor
2Lt. John Earl
3Lt. M. Ruiz
Sgt. Mortimer O'Donoghue
H. Ahrens
Ed. P. Alsbury
John B. Baccus Jr.
Robert Joseph Bell
William Breslen
T.B. Buchanan
Bartholomew Buckley
Owen Clarke
T. Cramer
C.V. Emerson
George Enderly
B. Felder
Julius Hafner
August Henze (Heinze)
George Horner
G. Kaller
A. Keonighiem
Dennis Kesting
Alfred Knight A
ugust J. Koenig
John Lynch
S. Mainz
S. Mayer
James R. Marmion
John McConnell
S. Melas
George Menger
Oscar Menger
James Moran
Horace C. Newman
Gustave Peltzer
J. Pfiel
M. Ryan
William Shelby
Thomas Sparrow
Charles F. Storek
Henry A. True
William Tyler
W. Ward
C.W. Weilbacher
Charles W. Winn
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