Alfred and Charles Marmion Guardian Probate

From Reel #101938, Vol. 1, pgs 188-89; 209-10

Case 1290 Estate of Alfred and Charles Marmion, minors
    Letters of Guardianship.

   On this 29th day of March 1895, came to be heard the application of J. R. Marmion for letters of Guardianship upon the Estate of Alfred Marmion and Charles Marmion, minors of the age of twenty years and seventeen years respectfully. And its appearing to the Court that the said application is not disqualified from acting as such guardian, that due notice of such application has been made according to the Law; that the said minors, both of them have filed herein a request in writing that the said applicant be appointed and that this court has jurisdiction of the Estate.

It is ordered, adjudged and decreed that the said J. R. Marmion be appointed guardian of the Estate of the said minors.

It is further ordered that the said Guardian shall file his Bond, to be approved by this Court, in the sum of Four Thousand Dollars; that A.P. Rivas, J. W. Grosebeck, and F. M. Girard be appointed appraisers of said Estate; and that upon the said application filing his oath and Bond as required by Law the Clerk shall issue Letters of Guardianship to this said J. R. Marmion.

In The County Court of Bexar County, Texas In Probate

Now comes J. R. Marmion to make application of this Honorable Court for Letters of Guardianship upon the Estate of Alfred Marmion and Charles Marmion in support of said application shows as follows.

That said Alfred Marmion is a minor of the age of 19 years and resides in the County of Bexar.
That the said Charles is a minor of the age of 17 years and also resides in the County of Bexar.
That the said minors have a one-eighth interest in the Estate of their deceased father and mother, said interest being of the probable value of $ 1000.00
That their father, J. R. Marmion, Senior, the last surviving parent of said minors died in the County of Bexar.
That the said surviving parent left no will or written declaration as to whom should act as guardian; that they have no grandparents or other aseeifidant Kin; that your applicant is the oldest brother of  said minors; that said minors are not married and that your applicant is in no way disqualified from acting as such petitioner.
Wherefore your petitioner prays that Letters of Guardianship be issued to him after due notice of this application as promised by Law.
         J. R. Marmion
     By Ogden and Harwood, Attys
     Filed this 1st day of March 1895

Writ Notice of Probate
The State of Texas: To the sheriff or any Constable for Bexar County Greetings,
You are hereby commanded , to cause to be posted(four ten days exclusive of this day of posting) in three of the most public places, in your County, one of which shall be the County Courthouse door, notice in the same city or town copies of the following notice: The State of Texas; To all persons interested in the Guardianship of the Estate of Alfred and Charles Marmion minors; J. R. Marmion has filed in the County Court of Bexar County, an application for Letters of Guardianship to be granted to him upon the Estate of said minors, Alfred and Charles Marmion; which will be heard at the March Term A. D. 1895 of said Court. (after this notice shall have been duly posted for ten days) at the Court House, in the city of San Antonio, at which time all person interested in said Guardianship and Estate may appear and contest said application.

(Probate Record for Guardianship of Alfred and Charles Marmion, 1895, Case 120, pgs 187-89)