July 1828, Catherine had just given birth to Laurence Marmion, when her 8 year old son Zachariah Shaw died suddenly, Arthur is then accused of his stepson's daeth.
This is a terrible time in thier lives, Arthur is taken to the notorious Kilmainham Goal
(which would 90 years later be the sight of the terrible slaughter of the Irish Freeedon Fighters, particularly heinous, James Conolly who was taken from the hostpital in 1916 on a stretcher to Kilmainham Prison and tied to a chair, leaned against the wall and executed...the world was outraged) but in 1828 it was not a pleasant place either, it has always been a place of torture and injustice for many through the ages. Blood stains still mark the floors. The charges against Arthur, it appears, lingered for 2 months, in that time hopefully he could have made bail, from the article it sounds as if he did not.. Finally the Crown found there was no evidence, and he was released, and one week later the Erasmus Cope Brown incident occured. Are the two connected? Who was Brown really? What happened to William Shaw, Catherine's first husband? How did Zachariah Shaw really die? With every piece of the puzzle found there are a host of new questions.

Arthur in Kilmainham Goal
From The Belfast Newsletter, July 8, 1828
Freeman's Journal Aug. 28, 1828
Just a few facts,
Lawrence A.J. Marmion was born 04 Jul 1828 in Dublin Ireland.
this was about the same time Zachariah Shaw died.

Shaw lived in Newry and was the agent for the Belfast-Dublin stagecoach. He witnessed a family deed drawn up by Ctherine's father Laurence Murphy in Newry in 1819. They would have married around this time.

Summer Hill was developed in the 1780s as one of the more salubrious areas of Dublin built along a ridge in the north inner city. Summerhill was originally laid out by Luke Gardiner in the eighteenth century. Some of the buildings would have originally been a fine Georgian houses, with classic features. The Summerhill neighborhood would have been residences for well-off families.
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