Aryher Magenis
Jane Savage .....parents of Jane Magenis (Arthur's Mother)

Patrick Marmion (Arthur's grandparents)
Mary Garvey (parents James Garvey + Mary Murphy -Aughnagon, Clonallan, Warrrenpoint, County Down, Northern Ireland)
sons James Marmion and Christopher Marmion
             James Marmion
d 2-24-1843 age 84              James' brother Christopher Marmion married Jane's sister Charity                     (Arthur's Father)    married 1790 in Dublin                                          +                             
Jane Magenis d 10-5-1856 age 100                              Charity "Mary" Magenis (no known children)   
                 (Arthur's Mother)

James and Jane Marmions children:
Arthur Marmion................ married Catherine Murphy Shaw Marmion (1st marriage William Shaw, 1 known child:
                                                                                                          Zachariah Shaw bn about 1820 died Dublin 1828)

and his known brothers and sisters:
(see Arthur Marmion Decendants Tree)

Mary Marmion
Alexander Macdonell
Christopher Marmion Macdonell
  Allen Macdonell
Mary Macdonell
               Rose d in 1898 @ 97 (youngest child)
               Sarah Catherine d 1861
               James born 1st Aug 1827
               Alice born 11th Aug 1838
               (James and Alice may have died young)
               (There may be more children we do not yet have)

Margaret - called after her mother's sister - and referred to in the Belfast Newsletter as 'the amiable Margaret, daughter of James Marmion of Janebrook - married John Pledger Glover of the parish of Kilkeel on 24.10.1819 in the new Church of Ireland in Kilkeel. The service was conducted by Rev. Lucas Waring. The witnesses were Arthur Marmion (!!) and Thomas Waring (this Thomas I believe was a nephew of the Rector).

Jane married Arthur James Stephenson of Hillsborough on the 23.11.1820 in the Church of Ireland, Kilkeel, on the 23.11.1820. Witnesses Arthur Marmion and Christopher Marmion. Q. Did Jane have a brother Chris. or was this her uncle? Stephenson, I believe was a Lieutenant in the British Army

Mary same as above, the second daughter, married Alexander Macdonnell of Newry, in Drumcrow on 09.05.1826 The service was performed by Rev. Father Curoe, P.P. of Kilkeel. Witnesses not given but the marriage was I believe performed not in the Catholic Chapel (as they were commonly called) which was in the townland of Ballymageough  but in the home of uncle Christopher who had a farm and lived in Drumcrow. House marriages were quite common at this time - the Catholic church was very spartan. Chris. appears to have been very fond of the young couple as in the same year he settled on them his half interest in the lands and mill of lower Ballymagart.

Charity (called after Uncle Chris.' wife) married on the 03.03.1831 Benjamin Hobart of Errigle Glebe, Co. Monaghan in Kilkeel Church of Ireland. Service conducted by the Rev. Chris. Usher in the presence of John Halyday (a prominent member of the C.of I. in Kilkeel) and Chris. Marmion. Ben. was the only son of the Rev. Mr. Hobart of Errigle.

Bessy, the youngest daughter, married firstly, Mr. Charles Murphy, pawnbroker of Mill Street, Newry, service conducted by Rev. Fr. Curoe. Witnesses not given. He (C.M.) died on the 21.10.1837. They had two children, James born 20.12.1835 and Michael born 07.03.1837. James in the early 1900s was a merchant in Sugar Island, Newry. He may also have had a son a solicitor in Dundalk (20k south of Newry in Co. Louth).
Bessy, secondly, married John Walter Dowdall of Newry on 22.01.1840. They had children,
               Jane b.06.11.1843. Sponsor Mary Cormick.
               Mary b. 11.11.1845. Sponsors, David Derry and Anne Marmion(!!).
               Anne b. 28.09.1847. Sp. Mary Anne McCormick.
               Patrick b.06.06.1849. Sp. Rose Derry. Shortly after Patrick's birth the family went to live
                                       at Bellhill, Ballyardle.
              Thomas b. ?. Thomas was I believe born at B'hill. I could not find the rec. of his bapt.
                                        in the Kilkeel reg..
I also found a 'John of John Dowdall and Mary Marmion b. 22.01.1842. Sps., Pat. McParland and Rose Glover (was Rose a daughter of Margaret and John above? This Margaret also had a sister called Rose.) I believe Mary is a mistake for Bessy. The dates fit and John called his first son after himself?

John the youngest son of James and Jane died 30.01.1834.

Rose, dau. of J.+ J. died umarried aged 97 in 1898.
We also know of an Arthur; a Henry and a Maria Marmion also sponsored McDonnell children. Were they also children of J + J, they may well have been. What about Richard who together with the Dorans went to America from Warrenpoint on the Brig Factor on the 20.06.1817.

Why did the Marmion girls marry outside the Catholic church? Quite close to where they lived were a number of prominent protestant families, the Warings and Warners among others. These would have been on a social par with the Marmions and I believe the girls socialised there and met their future husbands. Very few Catholic families in the neighbourhood would have been on the same social rung as the Marmions.

In those years it was also illegal for a Catholic priest to marry a Catholic to a Protestant in a Catholic Church. Complicated?  A convention also existed known as the 'Palantine Pact' where in the case of a Prot/Cath. marriage the boys followed the father's religion and the girls the mother's

ŠTom Cunningham 2006
Arthur's Family in Kilkeel, County Down, Northern Ireland