Charles and Fermina Marmion
Robert Marmion
Ralph Marmion
David Marmion
below some of the children of Charles and Fermina
Isabell Marmion
Charles, son of James Roger and Kate Marmion
Margaret Marmion
above Sinaloa, Mexico. This is where Charles and Fermina met married and had thier first 3 children. Charles was a mine engineer
By 1920 the family was in Ray, Arizona. Another mining town. They had a beautiful home here. The mine eventually consumed the town.
many of the letters to his family came from Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. at left, located in the mineral rich area of Mexico.
It is in the same area where Charles and Fermina began their lives together.
below, Mine at Real Del Monte, Pachuca Mexico
this is the last place Charles worked. It was the depression, and he found a job here in the largest silver mine in Mexico. Six weeks after arriving, he died suddenly.
Real Del Monte, outside of Mexico City, was settled by Cornish miners, but there are people buried there from all over the world. The cemetery sits at the top of a rather high hill. It is taken care of by the British Government.
Charles Marmion Jr.
above L&R Sally Marmion wife of Charles F Marmion Jr.
Lost Child
Name: Jose Carlos Marmion
Residence: Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico
Christening date: 02 Jan 1910
Christening place: Santa Iglesia Catedral, Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico
Birth date:
Birth place:
Father name:
Carlos F. Marmion
Mother name:
Fermina Corral
Gender: Male
Death date:
Name note:
UDE batch number: I03332-7
Date range:
Record group: Mexico-EASy
Film number: 1652014
Collection: Mexico Baptisms 1700-1900