First Name Surname Townland Parish Record Source
Matthew Dowdall Mayo Clonallan Griffiths_Valuation_1863/4
Michael Dowdall Mayo Clonallan Griffiths_Valuation_1863/4
John Dowdall Mayo Clonallon 1901_Census Clonallon Upper
n/a Dowdall Downpatrick Demesne of Downe Down Southwell Estate 1742 PRONI/T/763/1
Mary-Anne Dowdall Drin Dromara Griffiths_Valuation_1863/4
John(W.) Dowdall Ballyardel Kilkeel Griffiths_Valuation_1863/4
Henry Dowdall Greencastle Kilkeel Griffiths_Valuation_1863/4
Patrick Dowdall Greencastle Kilkeel Griffiths_Valuation_1863/4
Robert Dowdall Greencastle Kilkeel Griffiths_Valuation_1863/4
Andrew Dowdall Gilnahirk Knockbreda Griffiths_Valuation_1863/4
Ellen Dowdall Ballyholland Upper Newry 1901_Census Newry Rural Division
Robert Dowdall Ballynacraig Newry Griffiths_Valuation_1863/4
Robert Dowdall Mitchell Place Newry Newry Griffiths_Valuation_1863/4
Robert Dowdall Newry Boat Street Newry 1901_Census Newry South Urban
Matthew J Dowdall Newry Kilmorey Street Newry 1901_Census Newry South Urban

Dowdall of Northern Ireland
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