Vage              William              Seapatrick                      Down
Vance             Mary                 Kilkeel                         Down
Veegee            William              Magherally                      Down
Venney            Patrick              Rathmullan                      Down
Waddel            Richard              Newry                           Down
Waddell           Hugh                 Newry                           Down
Wadel             Miss Jane            Magheralin                      Down
Wainright         Mathew               Killincare                      Down
Walker            James                Hillsborough                    Down
Walker            William              Hillsborough                    Down
Wallace           James                Newtown                         Down
Wallace           John                 Down                            Down
Wallace           John                 Kilmegan                        Down
Wallace           Richard              Magherally                      Down
Wallace           Robert               Aghaderg                        Down
Wallace           William              Maghera                         Down
Walls             Ambrose              Kilmegan                        Down
Walmsley          John                 Kilkeel                         Down
Walmsley          Samuel               Killowen                        Down
Walsh             Henry                Kilmore                         Down
Walsh             Mark                 Killinchy                       Down
Walsh             Patrick              Kilmegan                        Down
Walsh             Richard              Maghera                         Down
Walsh             Thomas               Kilmegan                        Down
Walsh             Valintine            Bright                          Down
Walshman          Robert               Inch                            Down
Walterson         Henry                Clonduff                        Down
Wamsley           James                Maghera                         Down
Ward              Bryan                Drumgooland                     Down
Ward              Daniel               Dromore                         Down
Ward              James                Drumgooland                     Down
Ward              John                 Drumgooland                     Down
Ward              Owen                 Clonallan                       Down
Ward              Patrick              Drumgooland                     Down
Ward              Terence              Drumballyroney                  Down
Ward              Thomas               Annaclone                       Down
Ward              Thomas               Dromore                         Down
Ward              Widow ???            Drumgooland                     Down
Waterson          Hugh                 Rathmullan                      Down
Waterson          Margaret             Ballyphilip                     Down
Waterson          Patrick              Saul                            Down
Watson            James                Inch                            Down
Watson            Launcelot            Aghaderg                        Down
Watt              John                 Garvaghy                        Down
Watt              Samuel               Drumgath                        Down
Watt              William              Annaclone                       Down
Watterson         Edward               Ballyculter                     Down
Watterson         Edward               Kilclief                        Down
Watterson         James                Bright                          Down
Watterson         Patrick              Ballee                          Down
Watterson         William              Ballyculter                     Down
Watts             William              Garvaghy                        Down
West              John                 Down                            Down
West              Thomas               Killyleagh                      Down
West              Thomas               Kilmegan                        Down
West              William              Kilmegan                        Down
White             George               Kilkeel                         Down
White             James                Newtownards                     Down
White             John                 Comber                          Down
White             Mark                 Kilkeel                         Down
White             Matthew              Kilkeel                         Down
White             Richard              Kilkeel                         Down
Whiteman          James                Holywood                        Down
Whiteman          James                Kilbroney                       Down
Whitley           Joseph               Newtownards                     Down
Wier              Joseph               Donaghmore                      Down
Wightman          Patrick              Bangor                          Down
Williams          John                 Saintfield                      Down
Williamson        James                Killincare                      Down
Williamson        Robert               Killincare                      Down
Williamson        Thomas               Drumballyroney                  Down
Willock           Stafford             Drumgath                        Down
Wilson            Alexander            Drumballyroney                  Down
Wilson            Archibald            Kilkeel                         Down
Wilson            Francis              Saintfield                      Down
Wilson            Hugh, Jr.            Kilmore                         Down
Wilson            Hugh, Sr.            Kilmore                         Down
Wilson            James                Kilkeel                         Down
Wilson            James                Newry                           Down
Wilson            James                Newtown                         Down
Wilson            Jane                 Newry                           Down
Wilson            John                 Dromore                         Down
Wilson            John                 Drumballyroney                  Down
Wilson            John                 Kilkeel                         Down
Wilson            John                 Magherally                      Down
Wilson            John                 Saintfield                      Down
Wilson            Joseph               Drumballyroney                  Down
Wilson            Nathaniel            Comber                          Down
Wilson            Nicholas             Kilkeel                         Down
Wilson            Robert               Loughinisland                   Down
Wilson            Robert               Newry                           Down
Wilson            Robert               Seapatrick                      Down
Wilson            S.                   Drumballyroney                  Down
Wilson            Samuel               Aghaderg                        Down
Wilson            Thomas               Drumballyroney                  Down
Wilson            William              Annaclone                       Down
Wilson            William              Donaghmore                      Down
Wilson            William              Killyleagh                      Down
Wilson            William              Kilmegan                        Down
Witherspoon       John                 Kilmore                         Down
Woods             Andrew               Killinchy                       Down
Woods             Catherine            Drumgooland                     Down
Woods             Francis              Down                            Down
Woods             Hugh                 Drumgooland                     Down
Woods             James                Dunsfort                        Down
Woods             James                Kilmore                         Down
Woods             John                 Aghaderg                        Down
Woods             John                 Ballee                          Down
Woods             John                 Tyrella                         Down
Woods             Susana               Drumgath                        Down
Woodside          William              Holywood                        Down
Wright            Alexander            Kilcoo                          Down
Wright            Alexander            Newtown                         Down
Wright            Henry                Kilcoo                          Down
Wright            James                Saintfield                      Down
Wright            Joseph               Kilmegan                        Down
Wright            Thomas               Kilcoo                          Down
Wright            William              Magherally                      Down
Yets              James                Killinchy                       Down
Yets              William              Killinchy                       Down
Young             Alexander            Kilkeel                         Down
Young             James                Kilmegan                        Down
Young             John                 Aghaderg                        Down
Young             Matthew              Kilmegan                        Down
Young             Samuel               Aghaderg                        Down
Young             Widow ???            Kilmegan                        Down
   "V", "W", "X"."Y" and "Z" Lisat Flax Growers of Down