Harry Helm Marmion, youngest son of Henry Murphy and Mary E Marmion
First child of Harry and Vera, was still born. The other two children were Harry Owens Marmion and Dal Vance Marmion.
Vera Bertha Owens
Dal Marmion  youngest son
Vera Bertha Owens Marmion
Harry Helm Marmion
at left ...now closed...Vera worked for the
Jefferson Drug Company in Beaumont TX for most of her life, where she moved up through the ranks to become the comany's head bookeeper.
Champagne-Marne , Champagne 1918, Lorraine 1918,
St. Mihiel , Meuse-Argonne
there is evidence that some serving in the 52ND FIELD ARTILLERY
       on front were gassed in Champaigne, during the time of St. Mihiel offense and Argonne Woods.

Effects of Mustard Gas:
The common psychiatric defects of warfare victims are:
1. Major depression disorders.
2. Dysthimic depression disorder.
3. Adjustment disorder mostly depression kind.
4. Anxietive disorders.
5. A low percent of other neural and psychiatric disorders.
below: Camp Travis
below: battlefield in France

Mary Gates Hospital, Port Arthur
War is Hell (note: do not let children view this )
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Soldiers Creed
Harry's Draft Card
Harry Owens Marmion, worked as a delivery boy for the same Drug Co where his mother Vera worked
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Beaumont Courthouse
Beaumont Hospital
Newspaper article on Harry

Children of Vera and Harry
oldest son
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