Hazel Del with husband Chester Greenwood
James  "Jay" Barrus Marmion Jr.
John Barrus brother of Mary Elizabeth
William Henry Marmion
Henry and Mary Elizabeth PhotosPage
Hazel Dell went to Hollywood, got small walk on parts in the movies and had a ladies typing school.
Mary Elizabeth Barrus Marmion ( right) pictured with twin sister Margaret Anna Barrus Sprich Tarkle (center) and older sister (left) Sarah Jane Barrus Kenner Carambat
James Barrus "Jay" Marmion Jr, Ada Edwards and Mary Harris "Mary Jo"Marmion (Jay's Mother)                        many thanks to Laura Marmion
Cora Marmion Hutchison with son Billy
front: Ann Liversedge, Mary Elizabeth Barrus Marmion, Martha Helen Neslson
back: Ellie Marmion Dale, Mary Lucille Marmion Vokes, John Vokes, Agnes Nelson Liversedge, unkown
Cousins -Pass Christian and Houston vist
thank you Vera, and Kelly for the photos
below: Sarah Barrus Carambat
and Mary Elizabeth Barrus Marmion
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