Converse Tex Station Mch 25th 1879
E A Giraud Esq.
                        Palestine Tex
Dear Eugene
                   Whats up? I wrote you quite a while back and need a short answer saying you would write again soon. then I wrote you a Letter as long as the Moral Law (or Don Juan in Byron) and have been expecting an answer for the last ten days or more. Are you aquainted with the Opr or H* I think the office is in the Genl offices of G&G N. The day that Aunt Addie, Susie and Uncle Frank left I tild the Oper at H to tell you about them being en route. Doubt weather he told you or not. How is Uncle Frank getting along and has he got a good job? And soes Aunt Susie take it hard. Emilia was comming as far as this place wih Aunt Susie but thinking of having to part with a dear Sister made tears come fast and tick and I suppose not wanting to come out here and get one started, she remained in grief at home, but Grandmother and cousins Kate were out and we had lots of fun GMother had everything that's good to eat in that pocket of hers. She intends going to Palestine with Uncle George on his return from the West. I would not mind going myself and expect I will before the summer is over. I hope if my last did not reach you this will. I have not been in San Anto since the folks left, but think of going tomorrow night and if anything is going on will write again. Write soon as you have leisure would like to hear from you very much. Am rather tired and sleepy so will close with a good night
                                                                   Yours as ever

(clipping from newspaper)
How is that for high? Eugene!
James Richard Marmion
1879                                            Letter #1
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