Converse Station May 25th 1879
E A Giraud Esq
   Palestine Tex
Dear Eugene
What the d__________ is the matter. Why won't you write? I believe some other Clarita or Jo-dear (Jodie) has taken hold of you and gives you but precious little time to attend to biz and get your meals. Do you give her nice talk such as Roses or Violets blue & c& c? or doyou allow her the pleasure of doing all the talking. Leon is here today come down to see his Lottie. He will leave for home this eve. I saw Mr Angel. This AM on Train on way to San Anto. Father went with him. Hows is all in Palestine Recieved a Letter from Aunt Jesusita night before last saying all well Grand Mother expects going to P soon and I believe Georgie goes with her. I heard Maj Converse  say he would give her passes whenever she wanted them. He said this to his sister Mrs Davis who came from home only a few days ago. She went to spend a few day with the folks and was taken severly ill. I missed her Sunday and I expected her to say any moment that she was dead- but she did not even mention it. Any way she got well and is out here staying at Major C Place. And I think she spoke a good word for Grand Mother for the ole Saint is so cross and Mr Pierce being here he wouldn't give his Daddy a pass no not even a Tie Pass. It is now 2:20 PM and I'm all alone half the time reading the other half building castles in the air someting very pleasant. I'll bet you are talking amop or thinking of going to see yours this eve when you write tell me in your letter what you were doing today at 2:20 PM I will answer Aunt Jesusita letter now while I have a chance.
     Yours as ever
      J.R. Marmion Jr
James Richard Marmion
letter #2
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there is confusion as to why James Richard Marmion signed his name Jr Marmion Jr, because
he clearly was not a Jr, His fathers name was James Roger Marmion