Captain James Roger Marmion's Resignation.
Riggold Barracks Texas Dec 1862
Transcribed resignation- main body only:

I hereby respectfully tender my resignation as Captain of the Confederate Service. My reasons are as follows.
1st A desire to quit the regiment which has been commenced a system of persecutation uncalled for and undeserved by me, -
2nd A wish to be of more use and service to my country elsewhere, knowing that while I 
____ am as I am, that my Services will be entirely lost both to myself and my country.

I have the homor to remain.................

We know that Riggold saw no action, and morale broke down becasue of it. This was evident in what happened to James. Ir took 3 months for this letter to work it's way to headquarters in Virginia. It was during this time that James waited in San Antonio for the answer, without pay, and it was around this time that James was accused of Treason, via the letters...the Cooks were Attorneys in San Antonio, no doubt he sought legal advise, Mrs Hewett seems to be a friend from NOLA now living in Texas, who's husband had been killed in the war, she most likely needed some financial help.

below, as the resignation travels through the diffrent departments of the Confederate Military You can see Bee, Bushel and othes signature and remarks.