Here is a letter concerning Daniel and wife of Porterville from the Grange
Maggie McDermott, Co Down
Grange Kilkeel
March 14th 1927

My Dear Cousin

I now take the pleasureof answering your nice
letter which I received alright you didint [didn't?] keepme long waiting for an answer I was delighted
to hear from you & to know Dear Auntie Mary is still alive I am sure
she would be wonderingabout every body. I just though [thought?] the Doran crowd knew more
than they let on Mrs Peter just told me you wanted to know how Uncle Barney's
ones were and I guessed yous [you?] would like to hear. I thought she might have
showed me the memory cards atself [herself?] & it hurt me and I just put on a bold face
& asked for your adress [address?] I told her I wanted to get in touch with Uncle Toms
people through you so I told her I had a letter from Mrs Doran & she said Mrs
Doran of Liverpool and I said no my cousin Mrs Willie Doran she said did she ask for
us at all and I said you wished to be remembered to them all they are what
we in Ireland call very polished their friendship is skin deep.There is one thing I am going to
ask you dont answer if you think me too inquisitive does the house & farm out in
Killowen belong to you or to your husbands Brothers as she told me they didnt
know whether it would be let or not till they would hear from Willies brothers & it wasent [wasn't?]
a week afterwards till there was an auction at it it is a fine house and place
they have the house let now till [to?] a schoolteacher & her two sisters I can get all the
news about it from my brothers now about myself there is a niece of my husbands
out in Chicago she went out there when she was 16 she was reared with my
Husband & his father after her own father died and she has a brother lives here with
Patrick & me he is a good boy & we both think a lot of him we havent
any children of our own Well I wrote to Bridget and gave her your adress [address?]
and I had a letter from her since and she looked you up in the telephone
book and is going to call to see you she will be able to tell you about
everybody & everything. My eldest sister lives in Lpool [Liverpool?] she is Mrs Darcy her husband
died a few years ago shehasent [has not?] any family and Annie also lives in Lpool [Liverpool?] Mrs Doran
Annie has three children two boys & a girl my sister Ellen is in California she is away about
thirty years she went out there to get married to a young man from around here Joe Marmion he is a son
of Pat Marmions of Lurganreagh [Co Down?] she had more than her share
of sorrow last April her two only sons were killed in a motor accident coming from
a dance on a saturday night one was threw [thrown?] into what they call a ditch we call
it a shough and drowned before they thought of him the other had his skull
fractured and lived till the following day the two were buried in the same grave she
has a daughter a first class school teacher and one a telephone operator and one
stays at home it was enough to kill them all one boy was 27 the other
21 two lovely fellows she sent their photos after Xmas I will send you the
paper some time with their deaths in.  I have another sister lives in Camlough Co Armagh
Sarah is her name she is a Mrs Burns it is beyond Newry I havent seen her
for four years she might as well be in America my sister Minnee [Minnie?] lives in
Rathfriland her husband is in the fish and fowl business her name is Maguire she has
4 lovely children 2 boys and two girls the girl is about 11 yrs [years?] old her and my sister
Alicia were married the same day.  Alicia is a Mrs Burns also she has two
children a boy & girl.  we have a brother went to America and we havent heard any word from him
we dont know were he is the last time he wrote it was Canada I think he
was in he sailed from Liverpool in vessels going out and then stayed there
was ten of us all together so I think I have told you all Why dont you and Uncle Toms
daughter come to Ireland for a holiday there is lots of Americans come now tell
your mother where I live is near Cranfield shore there is a golf links now near
where the Greencastle fair used to be and lot of visitors in the summer and motor cars
racing in the sand tell her my mothers sister Sarah is living and wishes to be remembered to
her she minds her well she is now over 76 tell her my father lay 2 yrs before he died
he wasent [wasn't?] sick but he hadent [hadn't?] power of himself my mother was
going about attending him about a week before he died she got an attack it was her heart she
was dead two months after him they both had big funerals (stain) of offerings You wanted to know about Aunt
Allies ones well aunt [Allie?] and her husband is both dead this long time and
her eldest daughter is also dead Lizzie they called her I was at Aunt Allies bedside before she died
she done nothing but talk about Ireland if only one of the old neighbours could
come to see her she had a bad leg for a long time it was that that killed
her she hadent much comfort a working mans wife in a place like Liverpool and dont have a family
to keep there was one girl Alice and two boys left one fellow was man[ag?]ing a pub and
the other worked at the docks Aunt Allie was buried in Ford Cemetry [cemetery?] Liverpool
My sister Minnie Lizzie and I were at the funeral as we were in Liverpool
at the time Lord have mercy on them all I will now close my budget hoping to hear
from you soon your loving cousin Maggie Mcdermott

Adress [Address?] Mrs Patrick McDermott
                     Grange Kilkeel
                       Co. Down

(Note:- The cousin to whom the
letter was written was Dorothy Doran...)
a letter from the Grange