In Sowell’s “Early Settlers and Indian Fighters”, on page 126, there is a chapter entitled “Castro’s Diary”, Part II, which reads:

“In his memoirs Henri Castro arrived in San Antonio on July 18, 1844. His arrival created quite a sensation when made known. In his memoirs he says he stopped with a native of Genoa named ANTONIO LOCKMAR and that he kept the best house in the city. He says that in Don Antonio he found one of the best, most courageous and obliging men he had ever met with in his travels”.

On page 134, in the same work, with reference to his expedition (to what is Castroville) to form his colony the statement reads:

“It became necessary to supply the number of colonists missing with Mexicans paid by me. On this occasion my friend, Don Antonio, with his numerous friends, secured me the number of men that I wanted, owing to the high pay granted them and I must say to his credit that all of them were good men and behaved well in all circumstances”.

He goes on to say they arrived on Sept. 3, at 8:00 A.M.