County Louth, Ireland Origins
Michael and Ann Marmion Family which came from County Louth and immigrated to America in 1850
1 Minnie MARMION b: ABT 1880 d: MAY 1904 Louth? Ireland
  + John Harrison WILSON b: 1 NOV 1880 d: JAN 1946
    2 Nellie Magdalene WILSON b: 14 JUN 1903 d: JAN 1982
Thomas Marmion

Flax Growers 1796
Marmion Bernard, Faughart, 1
Marmion James, Faughart, 1
Marmion John, Faughart, 1

1865 Voters
Marmion John (Rev), Rath, -, Dundalk Upper
Marmion Patrick, Carrickedmond, Reps. R. Hall, Dundalk Upper
Marmion Thomas, Carrickedmond, Reps. R. Hall, Dundalk Upper

1854 Louth Patriotic Fund
Marmion John Rev, Dundalk, £1,

Marmion Lawrence, Clanbrassil Street
  1832 Borough of Dundalk Voters' List
  Marmion Laurence, Chandler, Clanbrassil street, Dundalk

Marmion Mrs., Park Street
Marmion Thomas, Park Street

1822 Freeholders
Maginness John; Dundalk; Dundalk; P. Dowdall; Dundalk 25/01/1819; Upper Dundalk; 40/-; John and P. Maginness and James Marmion
Marmion James; Carrickedmond; Carrickedmond; Robert Hall Esq.; Dundalk 12/02/1817; Upper Dundalk; 40/-; P. and W. Marmion and P. Kerr
Marmion John; Louth; Louth; -; Ardee 23/11/1820; Louth; £10; Perpetuity under £20
Marmion Lawrence; Dundalk; Dundalk; -; Dundalk 20/04/1819; Upper Dundalk; £20; -

By 1824 No Marmions listed as Freeholders

1832 Dundalk Eastwood CreditorsMarmion
Anthony Marmion

late of Dundalk
Co. Louth

1837 Dundalk Valuations

97, Marmion, Laurence, Clanbrassil-street, £50, -
-, Marmion, Thomas, Park-street, £25, -
99, Marmion, Richard, Park-street, £18, -
100, Marmion, - (Mrs.), Park-street, £45,

1804 Drogheda Militiamen\
Ballotted Manís Name, Substitute, Those who Paid £10, Parish, Note
Marmion James, Magee Francis, -, St. Peter's
Magee Francis, Marmion James, St. Peter's

1692-1841 Dundalk Corporate Officers
Nicholas Price Bailiff
Stephen Marmion Deputy Bailiff

Hans Hamilton Bailiff
Stephen Marmion Deputy Bailiff

Family Mystery:
Mary Ann Marmion left a will with mention of McElroy and deVerdon family memebers.
Mary Anne Marmion's will may include an important clue as to where the Marmions came from in Co' Louth. She left sums of money to various charities. She left money to the Parish Priest of Cooley for the poor of that district presumably because I suspect her mother came from here but she also left money to the Sisters of Mercy, Ardee, why??? - was this where the Marmions originated? - Certainly there were Marmions in this area.
She also mentioned two 2nd cousins, Essy (Esther?) and Sarah Graham of Liverpool. If she had an uncle still alive when she died her mother must have been quite young when she married and James Marmion's brother quite old - remember James was born around 1760!1
the Dowdalls and Marmions of Louth seemed to intermarry on a regular basis.
T. Cunningham