Marmion Marriage Records – St. Colman’s Catholic Church, Massforth, Kilkeel

19th Jan. 1844  Patrick Marmion   Ellen McGee
3rd. Nov. 1844  Richard Marmion   Catherine Curtis
28th April 1846 George Marmion   Ann Cunningham
3rd March 1855 John Marmion    Elizabeth Sloan
9th Oct. 1855  Hugh Marmion   Mary Ann George
5th July 1860  Patrick Marmion Lurganreagh Mary Kinney
17th Oct. 1860  William Marmion   Catherine Roarke
28th Nov. 1865  George Marmion Lurganreagh Ann Flanagan, L’reagh
10th Nov. 1867  Patrick Marmion   Bridget Maloy
17th Jan. 1874  William Marmion   Mary Cunningham
21st Jan. 1894   Peter Marmion   Sarah Jane McCullough
Marmion Baptismal Records
Date                 Child     Father   Mother maiden name
8th Feb. 1847 
George Patrick  Ellen McGee
1st June 1862 
Ann Patrick  Ellen McGee, L’reagh
10th Aug. 1845
John Richard Catherine Curtis, Kilkeel
10th Aug. 1845 
Patrick Richard Catherine Curtis, Kilkeel
19th Mar. 1855 
John John  Elizabeth Sloan, Grange
19th June 1857 
Elizabeth John  Elizabeth Sloan, Grange
13th Feb. 1859 
Patrick John  Elizabeth Sloan, Grange
12th June 1861 
Alice John  Elizabeth Sloan, Grange
7th July 1863 
William John  Elizabeth Sloan, Grange
21st Nov. 1874 
Henry John  Elizabeth Sloan, Grange
12th July 1856
Mary Hugh  Mary Ann George, Ballyardle
27th Jan. 1858 
Alice Hugh  Mary Ann George, “
15th April 1860
George Hugh  Mary Ann George “
27th Feb. 1861 
Alice Hugh  Mary Ann George,  “
6th Dec. 1863 
James Hugh  Mary Ann George “
4th June 1861 
Margaret Patrick  Mary Kinney, Lurganreagh
17th Oct. 1862 
Elizabeth Patrick  Mary Kinney,  “
28th June 1864 
William Patrick  Mary Kinney  “
15th May 1871 
May Ellen Patrick  Mary Kinney,  “
26th May 1874 
John Patrick  Mary Kinney  “
27th Oct. 1876 
Charles C. Patrick  Mary Kinney
29th May 1864 
William William Catherine Roarke, Corcreaghan
12th Mar. 1867 
Catherine William Catherine Roarke, “
19th Dec. 1869 
Charity William Catherine Roarke “
27th Jan. 1895
Ann Peter  Sarah McCullough
28th May 1896
Bernard Peter  Sarah McCullough, Derryogue
27th Nov. 1897 
Peter Herbert Peter  Sarah McCullough, Newry St
19th June 1899 
James Peter  Sarah McCullough, Newry St
8th Apr. 1849 
Margaret Patrick  Alice McGee
9th Mar. 1851 
Elizabeth Patrick  Alice McGee
6th Feb. 1853 
Alice Patrick  Alice McGee
9th Oct.  1856 
A.  Patrick  A. McGee
31st Dec. 1858 
Catherine Patrick  Alice McGee, Lurganreagh
19th July 1891 
John Joseph John  Mary Clarke
17th Dec. 1881 
John John  Anne Clarke, Glenloughan
14th Oct. 1875 
Mary A. Bernard Jane Stuart
17th Dec. 1862 
Richard Hugh  Margaret George, Ballyardle
21 Dec. 1865
Peter John  Bridget Sloane
28th May 1854 
William Patrick  A. McGivern
No children recorded for the marriages of;

George Marmion and Ann Cunningham
George Marmion and Ann Flanagan
Patrick Marmion and Bridget Maloy
William Marmion and Mary Cunningham
They may have emigrated or have been childless. Those parents with one child only may also have emigrated.

There may be omissions in the St. Colman records, (they begin 1839).
James Marmion (later Canon James Marmion PP of the parish of Dundrum, County Down) son of John and Elizabeth Sloan was born 1870 – is not recorded, nor are his siblings Peter, Felix and Margaret.
Hugh Marmion and Mary Anne George also had children – Richard b. 17.12.1863 and Elizabeth b. 12.7.1866 – not recorded.

I wish to thank Miss Kathleen Hudson of Kilkeel who abstracted the above material from the church records and allowed me to use it.

Church of Ireland, Kilkeel.
24th Nov. 1846  George Marmion, 22yrs.  Millwright, (Father William) and Elizabeth Agar 21 yrs.
I have not included the marriages of James and Jane Marmions daughters married in Kilkeel Church of Ireland. Information previously sent.

Tom Cunningham 28th July 2006.

Additional marraiges found:(for County Down)

John Newell Marriage: 1825 Marriage Place: Magheralin, County Down, Northern Ireland Spouse: Jane Marmion
1842 Nicholas ? and Mary MARMION
1843  Matthew KEELY, Mary MARMION
1844 Pat MARMION and Ellen MCGEE
1844  Richard MARMION and Clare CURTIS
1844 ? MACKIN and  Cally MARMION
1846 Redman SLOAN and Clair MARMION
1846 George MARMION and  Anne CUNNINGHAM
1852 Hugh SCOTT and Ann  MARMON 
1864 Bernard MORGAN and  Mary MARMION 
1864 James MARMION  Bridget ? 
1865 Edward  MURNIN  and Bridget  MARMION 
1868 Patrick  MARMION  and Bridget ?
1873 Daniel  MARMION  and Sarah Jane ?
1875 George  MARMION  and Anne  ?
1879 Patrick  MARMION and Catherine ?
1881 John MOLLOY  and Sarah  MARMION
1887 John ROGAN and  Mary  MARMION
1890 James DORAN and Alice  MARMION
1894 John  MARMION and Ellen
1894 Peter  MARMION  and Sarah Jane
1895 Stephen MCVEIGH and Elizabeth  MARMION
1900 James NEWELL and Catherine  MARMION
1901 Charles  MARMION and Annette Boyd
1905 John DORAN and Mary  MARMION
1909 Llewellyn  MARMION  and Mary ?
1912 James REA and Cecele  MARMION
1917 Daniel  MARMION and Mary Alice
Marmion Marriages & Births