The Geneologists before us
Before Barry and I ever had a single thought about researching the ancestors, Margaret and Eloise were hard at work, uncovering them. In reading some of the letters (that Margaret passed on to me)  thier conversations sound very much like those Barry and I have via email. The celebrations when we find something, the confusion when we don't know what we found...all so similar....this page is to thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for the material we have had to start with, because of all of your hard work.
Margaret & Eloise
Margaret with son Dan
Margaret is the granddaughter of
Captain James Roger Marmion & Kate Lockmar
daughter of Charles and Fermina Marmion
Eloise with her family
Eloise, mother Ethel King Marmion, and her 3 children
Eloise is the great granddaughter of Captain James Roger Marmion and Kate Lockmar
Granddaughter of Luis Santiago Marmion and Eula Arrignton
Daughter of Charles Battle Marmion and Ethel King
some of Margaret's research on her father who died when she was too young
Eloise research, in this letter she had the statement by Mr Butterfield notarized
note,  Eloise did research the hard way...lots of legwork and typing, carbon paper only made so many copies. This research couldn't have been easy. When I realize how it must have been I kiss my computer.
However, since their time, we have found dates to be incorrect, because they went by census, and memory of older relatives. We have tried to double check and have made corrections, over and over. Please use the  Arthur Tree as your guide, we update that constantly. We try and go by the date most often used. For instance, hundreds of years ago there are no birth certificates, and so we use the date most commonly used, or the one that makes sense mathmatically, or a date that would most likely be given by that person him or herself, as opposed to census takers talking to whomever answers the door, which would have less credibility. We have even found some of the tombstones are also incorrect. It is hard to know 100% if all the info is correct, but we try hard to make sure it is.
Margaret passed away March 16, 2006.
Margaret's Obit
Elosie Marmion Stinson Rooke
Margaret Marmion Guerrero