Many of you are have written because you are interested in this requested we are starting a collection of  resouces, both book listings and pages of intrest... I began to save it when I have run across anything published.
So for it is. Enjoy!
here is list of reference books.
An excellent source for Searching the Ancient name of Marmyon/ Marmion

England's Thousand Best Churches by Simon Jenkins
Ancestral Trails. The Complete Guide to British Genealogy and Family History by Mark D. Herber
Kingsford's Stonor Letters and Papers 1290-1483 (Camden Classic Reprints) by Christine Carpenter
The Heads of Religious Houses: England and Wales, 1216-1377 by David M. Smith and Vera C. M. London
Heraldry in History, Poetry and Romance by Ellen J. Millington
A Village in Sussex: The History of Kingston-Near-Lewes by Charles R. Cooper 
A Gentry Community: Leicestershire in the Fifteenth Century, c. 1422-c. 1485 (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought: Fourth Series) by Eric Acheson
Margaret of York, Simon Marmion, and The Visions of Tondal (Getty Trust Publications: J. Paul Getty Museum) by Thomas Kren 
Scrivelsby, the home of the champions: With some account of the Marmion and Dymoke families. Illustrated by Samuel Lodge
History of the baronial family of Marmion, lords of the castle of Tamworth, in the county of Warwick, between the Norman conquest and the close of the thirteenth century, by Charles Ferrers Raymund Palmer
The Marmion Library
Publication dealing with the Barons Marmion,
the family of Champions
the images of various book pages dealing the the Marmion family in England
Peter Marmyon
Phillip Marmion
Marmion Church window/ England
more to come shortly