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Mary Marmion, London
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I'm in the middle of researching the 18th/19th century population of Marylebone (part of archaeological/historical work on Marylebone parish)
Looking for information on Mary Marmion.
Information uncovered:
She died in 1827 aged 52, and was buried in Marylebone parish churchyard. She lived in Upper Park Place, Marylebone.
This is what we have discovered so far:

Mary Marmion died 14th September 1827 aged 52. She lived in Upper Park Place, an addess which no longer exists but is in the parish of Marylebone, in the west end of London. She was buried in St Marylebone churchyard on 21st September (source: 'The Day Book of Burials' in the parish records).

The International Genealogical Index has this:

Alice, daughter of Charles and Mary Marmion born 30th July 1794 at St Marylebone

Charles Henry, son of Charles and Mary Marmion born 26 February 1797 at St Marylebone

We also have a headstone record from a survey of the churchyard done in the 1930s:

"Sacred to the memory of Alice Marmion who departed this (sic) April 9th 1812 Aged 17 years. Also Mary Marmion who departed this life April 8th 1882 Aged 80 years"

Presumably this later Mary is Alice's sister and the first Mary's daughter.

Last will and testament of Mary Marmion

In the Name of God, Amen. I
Mary Marmion of No 5 Scott Place Tottenham in the county of Middlesex do make this my last will and testament this twenty-ninth day of July in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty seven in manner following that is to say first I direct that my body be opened after I am dead and that I may have a new nightcap and gown instead of a shroud and be respectably buried and have a hearse and feathers with one mourning coach and I direct my just debts funeral expenses and the charges of proving this my will to be paid by my executor hereinafter named as soon as conveniently may be after my decease and as to the capital sum of four hundred and twenty pounds […] per Cout Bank Annuities one hundred pounds in the Savings Bank Leicester Square and one hundred pounds Columbian Bonds of which I am possessed and all other my personal estate and effects whatever I give and bequeath the same to Edward Perryman of Great Castle Stree Saint Marylebone Builder his executors administrators and assigns in trust to pay the dividend interest and annual product thereof as and when the same shall be received unto my brother James Timms during the course of his natural life and after his decease in trust to transfer and pay the capital of my said personal estate and the funds and securities in which the same shall be unto and for the benefit of the children of my brothers John Stephen Joseph and Benjamin now or hereafter to be born and the issue of such children in case any one or more of them shall happen to die leaving issue in equal shares and proportions but so as the issue of such of the said children as shall then happen to be dead shall be entitled only to the share which his her or their parents could have been entitled to if living equally to be divided amongst such children if more than one share and share alike and if but one then wholly to such one child the shares of such of the said children as shall be sons to be vested interests and payable at twenty one or dying before that time leaving lawful issue and if daughters at that age of marriage whichsoever shall first happen and in case of the death of any one or more of such children before the ages or times aforesaid their shares to go to the survivors or survivor of them and to be paid to them respectively at such ages and times as aforesaid and in further trust to apply the interest dividends and annual product for and towards the maintenance and education or otherwise for the benefit of the said children until their shares become payable And it my will [sic] that my said trustee or trustees for the time being shall from time to time at his or their discretion transfer and dispose of the said trust funds and lay out and invest the product in the purchase of other Parliamentary stocks or funds or in freehold copyhold or leasehold securities with the purchase of freehold copyhold or leasehold lands and tenements and so from time to time to alter vary and transpose the same purchases or securities as often as he or they shall think proper and such new funds securities or purchases to be always subject to the same trusts as those parted with And it is my will that the receipts of the said Edward Perryman his executors administrators and assigns shall be good discharges to the purchases and others under the trusts of this my will who shall not be answerable for the application or misapplication of monies for which such receipts shall be given And I nominate constitute and appoint my friend the said Edward Perryman executor of this my will hereby revoking all former and other wills by me at any time heretofore made In witness whereof I the said Mary Marmion the testatrix have to this my last will and testament of my hand and affixed my seal the day and year first above written And it is also my wish which has been omitted in the aforegoing that my brother James Timms should have an equal portion of furniture or as may be thought his share leaving it to the discretion of my Exe’or Edw’d Perryman –

Mary Marmion […] signed sealed published and declared by the said Mary Marmion as and for her last will and testament in the presence of us Mistress Ann Griffiths ./, the mark of X Eliz. Smith

NOW it is my will that my nephew James Timms be excluded from all benefit arising from my property after my decease, what I have hitherto left James Timms I now cancel witness my hand Mary Marmon –
Augst 22nd 1827
witness Charlotte Howard – James Young

She has already been reburied in the East London Cemetery. She was found on an area of the site outside the archaeological excavation and it looked like what it was - a construction site! she was in a decorated wooden coffin with a lead breast-plate.


Mary was the wife of:
Charles Marmion
children are:
Charles Henry MARMION
Birth:  22 SEP 1796  
Christening:  26 FEB 1797  Saint Mary-St Marylebone Road, Saint Marylebone, London, England
Death:  14 APR 1800 
Birth:  28 JUL 1794   
Christening:  30 JUL 1794   Saint Mary-St Marylebone Road, Saint Marylebone, London, England

Charles Marmion's grandparents were:
  Marriage:  14 OCT 1691   Saint Mary-St Marylebone Road, Saint Marylebone, London, England