Parents: Patrick Marmion bn Jan 1, 1800 and Mary Mahon Graham bn 1810
Peter Edward Marmion
Born:  23 Dec 1829
Meath, Ireland  
Died:  28 Oct 1908
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 
wife: Mary Morris O Brien
Born: 23 Aug 1832 in Omagh, Tyrone,Ireland
Died: 5 Oct 1896 in Essendon,Victoria, Australia
Marriage: 28 May 1861 in St Francis, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  
Children Sex Birth
Patrick Joseph Marmion  M 4 May 1862 
Edward John Marmion  M 28 Jul 1863 in Essendon, Victoria, Australia  
Peter Augustus Marmion  M 1 Dec 1864 in Essendon, Victoria, Australia 
Margaret Maria Marmion  F 25 Jul 1866 in Essendon,Victoria, Australia 
Gerald Henry Marmion  M 7 May 1869 in Essendon, Victoria, Australia  
Alice Ann Marmion  F 9 May 1872 in Essendon,Victoria, Australia  
Bridget Elizabeth Marmion  F 12 Aug 1874 in Essendon, Victoria, Australia


HANNAH MARMION bn 06 MAR 1874, Meath, Ireland
SYLVESTER MARMION bn 09 JUN 1870   , Meath, Ireland
parents Thomas Marmion, Hannah Dowdall

BRIDGET MARMION bn  10 JUL 1870, Meath, Ireland
JAMES MARMION bn 31 OCT 1867, Meath, Ireland
Patrick Joseph Marmion bn 13 MAY 1875   Dunboyne, Meath, Ireland
SYLVESTER MARMION bn 12 MAY 1864   0866, Dunboyne, Meath, Ireland

BRIDGET MARY MARMION bn 17 JUN 1874, Meath, Ireland
Denis Joseph Marmion bn  30 SEP 1875, Meath, Ireland
ALICIA PHILOMENA MARMION bn  03 DEC 1876, Meath, Ireland
parents Peter Marmion, Anatasia Sweeney 

EDWARD MARMION bn 27 MAR 1867, Meath, Ireland

JOHN MARMION bn  22 OCT 1878, Meath, Ireland
Julia Marmion bn  07 SEP 1873, Meath, Ireland
Laurence Marmion bn  10 FEB 1876   Boyganstown, Meath, Ireland
MARY MARMION bn  23 AUG 1871, Meath, Ireland
parents James Marmion, Anne Fitzpatrick

MARY MARMION bn  23 AUG 1871   , Meath, Ireland


March 24, 1860
CO. MEATH--MURDER AT BRANNOCKSTOWN:--An inquest was held on Friday March 16th, at Trim, before
Matthew MARMION, Esq., one of her Majesty's coroners for the county of Meath, on the body of KILKENNY, the unfortunate man who lost his life while returning from a funeral on Wednesday evening, the 14th instant. Two men, named Christopher MALONE and Thomas SHORT, who had been put under arrest immediately after the dying declaration of KILKENNY, were present at the inquest, in custody of the police. It appears there was a third party at the savage murder, for the deceased's declaration named these two individuals and "one he did not know." The evidence which came out at the inquest went to show a rather important fact connected with the brutality, viz, that the sister of SHORT was found by the constabulary, when they arrested him, washing away blood-marks from a pair of trowsers her brother had thrown off him......From information gleaned from the sister of the deceased man, the police thought proper to put under arrest a man named James WALSH. He was observed by Miss KILKENNY about a quarter of any hour after the murder, in the vicinity of the place where the atrocious act was committed. The footprints about the scene of the tragedy corresponded exactly with the shoes removed by the police from WALSHE's (sic) feet; and , moreover, human hair was found on the shoes. The inquest, at the request of the jury was adjourned to Monday. The prisoners were all remanded, awaiting the finding of the jury. SHORT and WALSHE lived on the one townland; MALONE lived at Toberdinan, the residence of Mr. M'EVOY, M.P. The evidence adduced at the inquest was in some respects very difficult to be extracted, and went to show that the poor fellow KILKENNY, after being knocked down, received little mercy from the blows and brogues of his murderers. Sub-Inspector CAREY and the entire force of the constabulary of Trim deserve much credit for the speedy steps taken to bring the perpetrators to justice.


Meath County, Ireland Trades Directory - 1931
Marmion E., Mrs. Market square,  Drapers

Name:  John Marmian
Residence:  1731 - Killucan Meath

Name:  Denis (Farmer - Bach) Marmion
Residence:  1895 - Galtrim, Meath

Name:  Peter (Farmer) Marmion
Residence:  1895 - Galtrim, Meath

Name:  Catherine (Wid) Marmion
Residence:  1893 - Drimlagh, Meath

Name:  Bridget (Sp) Marmion
Residence:  1897 - Galtrim, Meath

Name:  Mathew (Farmer/Grazier) Merryman
Residence:  1836 - Marmion, Meath

we have listed the below just in case it was a spelling error
Name:  James (Shopkeeper) Merriman
Residence:  1891 - Castlepollard, Wmeath

Name:  Mathew (Farmer/Grazier) Merryman
Residence:  1836 - Marmion, Meath

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Decendants of  Peter Marmion living 1500's   and brother Nicholas Marmion 1500's
1 James bn 1760 d 1810
1 Patrick b 1750 married Mary Rielly then Rose ?
1 Female Marmion married Bruton
                    had sons John Bruton b 1790 and Laurence Bruton bn 1787
1 Female Marmion married Lawless
                    had son Thomas Lawless bn 1827
2 Mathew Marmion (maybe son of Nicholas above) Woodland b 1770 d 1835
      3 John b 1796 d 1826 son of Mathew m. Elizabeth O'Rourke of Clane Co Kildare          
           4 William b 1820 m Herminie Cordier b.1820    (see expanded below)
                       5 Dom Columba Marmion  (born Joseph)
                       5 Nine other children see tree below
            4 Roseanna m McCormack
                       5 Susanna
                       5 Unknown
                       5 Elizabeth McHugh Ballsbridge, Dublin (living)
            4 Mathew b 1819 of Clane Co Kildare farmer & merchant m Margaret 1829
                        5 Patrick Arran Quay, Dublin
                                    6 William
                                    6 Frank
                                    6 Fred
                                    6 Leo
                                    6 Alfie
                                    6 Patrick b1892 d 1919 m Mary Ennis
                                           7 Eileen Marmion b 1918 (actress) m Noel Purcell     
      3 Patrick b 1793 Ballinlough
          4 John
          4 James
2 Lawrence Marmion (maybe son of Nicholas above) Gallstown merchant

Dom Columba's family:
1 William and Herminie
2 Frank b 1860 d 1896 m Mary ?
2 Phillip died in infancy
2 Mary b 1848 d 1924 m Mr Joyce
2 John Sebastian b 1851 d 1853
2 Elizabeth b 1849 d 1918 became Sister Columba
2 Flora b 1853 d 1892 became Sister Lorenzo
2 Rose b 1855 d 1930 became Sister Peter
2 Joseph b 1858 d 1923 became Dom Columba
2 Mathew b 1863 d 1927 m Rose O'Neill
            3 William (dentist London)
            3 Joseph (eye surgeon Liverpool)
                      4  Fr Joseph b 1925 Jesuit Clongowes Woods Dublin
                      4 Benedicta d 1993 m Leo Leahy
                      4 Fionnuala m Peter MacLaughlin of Dublin
                      4 Rosaleen m Henry Catsaras both Dr live in Athens have 4 children
                      4 Thomas m Bernadette Dowling 4 sons Joeseph, Nicholas, Phillip, Andrew
            3 ? died young m Elizabeth Hoey
                      4 Roisin d 1994 m John McElroy of Omagh                                   
                            5 Mary McElroy                                   
                            5 John McElroy
                            5 Elizabeth McElroy

unknown as to decent in Meath:
Rose Marmion
Judith Marmion married Edward Reilly
James Marmion b 1790 d 1834
Christopher Marmion (Newbridge Co Kildare) shopkeeper mid 1800's
Meath (the "middle") was once a province of Ireland in its own right - see Kings of Mide - but now forms part of Leinster. Historically this province of Meath included all of the current county as well as all of Westmeath and parts of Cavan, Dublin, Kildare, Longford, Louth and Offaly. The High King of Ireland sat at Tara in Meath.
This is a County in the Republic of Ireland
The population decreased 25% between 1861 and 1901.
Ireland, The Royal Irish Constabulary 1816-1921
Birth Date/Age: 21 
Birthplace: Meath 
Enlisted: 1859
Film #: 856063 
Page #: 156B
Meath Origins