Veracruz, Mexico Harbor
At right:
a street map of the city of
Veracruz, Mexico
This map is would be an acurate representation of how the town was laid out when Arthur and Catherine were there.
Arthur would have had to proclaim himself a citizend to get over the loophole of doing business there. Fortunes were made here in a very short amount of time, the were also lost just as fast. Mexico was a country that was in constant turmoil,
being under the rule of many countries at many diffrent times, you could not be sure of how you found things in the country on any given day.
One thing was for certain, whoever was in control was not looking out for anyone except thier own personal wealth, no matter what country they represented. The year of the voyage, 1856, the Mexican government, under the name The Liberal Revolution, confiscated all of the Church property. This socialist government would only last a year.
Merchants of Mexico
Below listed is Arthur Marmion, Mrs (Catherine) Marmion -merchants, towards the bottom is listed J Marmon (Marmion) clerk which would be James Roger Marmion....but also there is a Mr Angle, clerk, is this George Angle?, James' soon to be brother in law, or is it a relative of George. It would not be a stretch to believe that meeting this Angle probably afforded James the opportunity to meet Kate only a short time later in San Antonio, where he would be with $3,000. and working as a merchant..This is probably why James Roger Marmion, during the Civil War, knew this coast so well, and was able to communicate with the men from Mexico that joined the Confederacy, and also why his sons even later still felt comfortable engaging in mining in Mexico as well.
There is a much bigger story here, and as all things relating to family history, it eventyually comes to light and gets answered.
Stay tuned!