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Various newspaper articles on family members. This is sometimes the very best insight into thier lives and the people they were.
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Allan Macdonell

Mary Macdonell
Leonara Lohse
William H Marmion
JG Marmion and HL Marmion
Arthur JK Marmion
JO Harris (JB's brother in Law)
Newspaper obits from the James Roger Marmion Family
Newspaper obits from Pass Christian
More Newspaper Obits
JB Marmion's sons
Bill Marmion Jr. July 5, 1936
Newspaper Articles James Roger Marmion #1
Newspaper Articles James Roger Marmion #2
News From The Pass
The Macdonells (Arthur's nephews and niece):  Laredo, TX
The Family of Henry Murphy Marmion: Houston, TX
Harry Helm Marmion
Families of Jane and Mary Marmion: Pass Christian,  MS
The Family of James Roger Marmion: San Antonio, TX
JB Marmion 1
JB Marmion 2
JB Marmion 3
Eula Marmion
George Marmion Family?
John Gordon Marmion
JR Marmion 1859
JR Marmion 1873
Mary Marmion Dale and John Jackson Dale
Various articles on JB Marmion Career
The Bishops
Martha Helen Nelson and Harry B Nunn Jr
Newspaper - Family at the Pass 1
Newspaper - Family at the Pass 2
Newspaper- Family at the Pass 3
John Nelson Family
Harry Owens Marmion Robbed!
James Roger Marmion 1873
Katherine Deck Obit
Paul Nelson Obit