Hotel Register Turns the Pages
Back to Days of 1845 in San Antonio

From The San Antonio Express Newspaper
Sunday Morning, November 21, 1932

The Lockmar Hotel was the home of Anton Lockmar and his wife who was Apolinaria Trevino, daughter of Maria Catarina Zepeda de Trevino. Vincente Trevino was the son of Diego Trevino and Maria Rita Garcia of the Canary Islands.
The Trevino homestead was a tract of land bounded by what are Soledad Street, Main Avenue, Rodriguez, and Giraud Streets, and the home of Antonio Lockmar and his bride after marriage in 1839, was on this tract, not far from the present site of the Ursuline Convent. Mrs. Lockmar and her daughters attended church and went to school at the convent, not only because it was convenient, but because it was a long journey downtown to the other church, San Fernando.

Count Castro a Guest
The Lockmar Hotel as such began in 1844 and was operated only four years, but in that period it entertained such notables as came to San Antonio, chief of whom perhaps was Count Castro, founder of the colonies of Castroville and Díllnais. The old register for† 1846, now owned by A. R. Marmion shows such names as J. S. Wipple, U.S.A.; Col Kinney of Corpus Christi,  Maj. Lear U.S.A: Dr. Cupples, I. Huth of Castroville, Dr. Brenner. Thomas Beale of New Brunfels, J Threadgill, French Smith, J Sheffield of Gonzales; A. Tauber, registered simply from Germany, and Ed A Palmer registered from Virginia. The register for 1844 is missing, or perhaps there was none, for only a few pages in the old journal are needed to record the guests of 1845 and 1846. There was plenty of room in the back of the journal Antonio Lockmar to keep his cash book and any curious guest, turning over a few pages, might have learned the business affairs of his host. The house was small and the register shows many more guests registered for dinner and supper than for overnight, but it does not disclose the prices charged for those daysí meals.
The hotel was not Anton Lockmarsís only business for in 1842 he with Peter Fohr and George M Doison had opened a house of entertainment called the Bowie Tavern on Commerce Street. His business prospered and besides the hotel and tavern he owned 1476 acres of land on what then was called the Leona River ( Leon Creek ) which he later sold to Sam A Maverick.
Anton Lockmar died Oct 9, 1848, and was buried in the old San Fernando Cemetery on what is now the site of the Santa Rosa Infirmary. It is recalled that his body was carried to its resting place on the shoulders of pallbearers, since in those days San Antonio had no such things as a hearse. Later the body with those of others in the old cemetery was moved to San Fernando No. 1, where it is now interred.
Among older residents Anton (or Antonio) Lockmar sometimes is referred to as an Italian but he was an Austrian subject, born in Zengg, Croatia. His brother Joseph lived in Zagreb, Croatia, and Josephís son Alexander Lockmar, became professor in the University of Zagreb. He was a linguist who took delight in writing A.R. Marmion in eight different languages. Some of the letters were not easy to translate when they reached San Antonio.

Came Here in 1830
Anton Lockmar came to America with the colony of Dolores (Dr. Beales) and settled on the Los Moras River in 1830. Indians forced them to leave and Anton Lockmar came to San Antonio in 1836, the year of Texas Independence.
He married Maria Apolinaria Trevino in 1839. They opened the hotel in 1844 and continued until his death in 1848.
After the death of Antonio Lockmar his widow married Francis P Giraud in 1849. Like the incorrect tradition of nationality, regarding Anton Lockmar, it frequently is heard that Francis P. Giraud was a Frenchman.
Francis P. Giraud, mayor of San Antonio from 1872 to 1875, was born in Charleston, S.C., and received his early education at Emittsburg (Mount St. Mary) Maryland. Later he became a professor in that college. His education in France was acquired later. His Father, Francis Giraud, Sr., was born in Bordeaux Oct 7, 1786 and died in San Antonio, March 19, 1855. Francis P. Giraud died in San Antonio. May 8, 1877, aged 59.
Among the clippings preserved by A.R. Marmion is one from San Antonio Express of May 1877, carrying resolutions of respect to the late Francis P. Giraud, and addressed to the Hon. Thomas A. Dwyer, judge of Bexar County, and signed by M.G. Anderson, F. G. Smith and H. C. Grothaus.
And now getting back to the Lockmar family, the widow of Francis P. Giraud, who had been Mrs. Apolinaria de Trevino Lockmar, continued to live in San Antonio until Sept 13, 1885. She was the mother of nine children, five by her first husband and four by her second.
The five Lockmar children were Ysabel, who married Luis de Leon of Bilbo, Spain; Catarina Augusta Lockmar, who married James R. Marmion, a native of Ireland; George W. Lockmar, who was not married; Adelina, who married Robert D. Burns, a native of Baltimore, Md. Burns died in 1873 and his widow married George W. Angle, a native of New Jersey. Pauline Lockmar, who married Alfred M. Raphall, born in London, was the son of Rabbi Morris Jacob Raphall, who died in New York in 1868.
All of the five children, except Mrs. Raphall, are dead. Mrs. Raphall makes her home near A. R. Marmion, who was the son of Capt. James R. Marmion and Catarina Augusta Lockmar. Captain Marmion and a man named Prescott owned a famous early tavern on Commerce Street.
Mrs. Apolinaria Trevino de Lockmar had three brothers, Francisco, Jose Ramon and Mariano Trevino, and two sisters, Maria de Jesus, who married Anavato Martinez, and Maria Conception, who married Jose Jaimes. The Martinez family had five children, Genoveva, Jose Maria, Rafael, Vicente and Maria. The last named married Garland Mayes, a brother of Mrs. Thomas (Judge) Paschall.
Mrs. Mrs. Apolinaria Trevino de Lockmar (Giraud) died in San Antonio Sept. 19, 1885. The funeral was held from San Fernando Cathedral and the service was conducted by Rt. Rev. Bishop J. C.†Neraz assisted by Rev. Fathers Genolin and Dumoulin. The pallbearers were Thomas J. Devine, Col. N. O. Green, John Twohig, Sam Maverlek, Edward Miles, Leonard Garza, J. H. McCleary, J. M.† Chavez, Yturrl de Castillo, Max Neuhdorff, A. P. Rivas, and Jesus Hernandez, all old friends whom were prominent in San Antonio a generation ago.
Today the last living descendants of Antonio Lockmar by his wife, Maria Apolinaria Trevino in San Antonio are A. R. Marmion and his daughter. Miss Consuelo Lockmar Marmion, and Mrs. Pauline Lockmar Raphall, A. R.  Marmionís brother, J. R. Marmion lives in Houston.
(transcribed by Barry Boecher)