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Marmion in the news
Below are various articles having to do with members of the Marmion Family. Many are in Ireland,
but a few are in England, mainly dealing with legal issues.

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1745 T Marmion
1761 William
1790 James Marmion marriage
1798 AM
1798 Rebellion
1821 Smuggling
1832 James Marmion
1833 Anthony Marmion bankrupt
Antony Marmion and John Hoey Trial Before Hanging
Anthony Marmion 1826 DEBTS
Anthony Marmion 1829 Louth
Anthony Marmion 1798
Christopher Marmion 1797 (they were aquitted)
Christopher Marmion 1830 Repeal Union
Christopher Marmion 1878
Christy Marmion
Charity Marmion marriage
Dublin Merchants
Explaining Marmion Decent England
Freemans Journal July 1832
Gallway J Marmion 1846
Henry Marmion 1833 Sept 17
Henry Marmion 1878
Henry Marmion 1878 London
Henry Marmion Cork 1846
Henry Marmion Cork 1888
Henry Marmion Dublin 1862
John Marmion Louth
John Marmion Louth 1843
John Marmion Louth 1892
John Marmion Meath 1893
john marmion Louth 1828
Marmion 1828 Louth
Marmion Chapel 1881
Marmion Cork 1745
Marmion Gallway 1846
Marmion Louth
Marmion Peerage
Marmion Westmeath 1894
Marmion Westmeath 1894a
Marmion brother Dundalk
Married at Dublin
Nicholas Marmion Louth 1832
Patrick Marmion 1841
Patrick Marmion 1862 Belfast
Patrick Marmion 1867
Patrick Marmion 1880
Patrick Marmion 1880b
Patrick Marmion Belfast 1862
Patrick Marmion Dublin 1865
Patrick Marmion Dublin 1895
Piers Marmion 1843
Rebellion 1798
Rebellion 1798b
Rev John 1851
Rev John 1852
Rev John 1863
Rev John Dundalk  1850
Rev John Marmion 1839
Rev Marmion 1863
Sir John Marmion
Sir John Marmion 1883 Engish
TH Marmion 1845 Skibberdeen
TH Marmion Cork 1890
TH Marmion Skibbeeen 1842
Thomas Marmion 1832
Thomas Marmion Cork 1745


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