Ringgold Barracks Texas
Dec23rd 1862
Whereas the proceedings and Sentence of a General
Court Martial held at Ringgold barracks Texas
were on the 21st day of December 1862, published to the
troops Stationed there on parade, together with the orders
of the officer ordering the Same, among which was
as follows,
Head Quarter (1st) District of Texas
San Antonio Nov 18 1862
General Order No 7.
XIII At the General Court Martial
Which convened at Ringgold Barracks Texas on the 29th
day of July 1862, pursuant to General Order No 13,
dated July 17 1862, from the Head Quarters of the
Texas Mis. Dist. South of the Red River, and for which
Major W.O. Yager, Mounted Batt T.V. Cavalry is
president and arraigned and Trial, Captain J.R.
Marmion, 3rd Regt. Texas Infantry on the following
Charges and Specifications “Viz”
Conduct unbecoming an Officer and Gentleman.
Specification 1st
In this that he, Captain James R. Marmion,
Formerly of Artillery now of the 3rd Regt Texas Infantry
C.S. Army did on or about the 25th day of September 1862
at San Antonio Texas.  Since he became an Officer of the
Confederate Army propose to first Liuet Phillip Shu…
then of Capt. Marmions Company of Artillery now of Company “G” 3rd Regt Texas Infantry C.S. A. to swap
or trade on exchange watches with him, representing to
him, (the Same Luiet Shardin) that his, Shardains
watch was better Suited to a Lady, and that he wished
to make it a present to his Sister in law, to this proposal
of Capt Marmion he, (Lieut Shardain) Believing
that Capt. Marmions watch to be a good gold watch
while in reality it was a finish back or composition watch
of little value, assured particularly as he (Capt Marmion)
assured him (Lieut Shardain) that it was a good time
Keeper and did not inform him in any manner whatsoever
but left him in ignorance that his Said watch was
not a gold one, acting upon this belief and the rep-
resentation of the Said Capt. Marmion, that his
watch was a good timer keeper he (the Said Lieut Shardain)
made exchange of watches With the Said Capt. Marmion
receiving from him the composition watch above Specified
giving him in exchange a good gold watch of the value
of eighty dollars, and a gold chain attached thereto of
the value of twenty dollars which he, the Said Captain
Marmion accepted and received without making any
compensation whatever to the Said Lieut Shardain for
difference in the value of the Said watches.   This at
San Antonio Texas
Specification 2nd
In this that he, Capt. James R. Marmion
3rd Regt Texas Infantry C.S.A. did on or about the      day
of March or April 1862 at Fort Brown Texas in a boasting
manner State in the presence of Confederate States officer
to wit, Lieut Bernard Holtz of Capt Cruzborin comp-
any of Artillery, and other officers that had intentionally
cheated Said Lieut Shardain out of a good gold watch giving
him in exchange a composition or a finish back watch not
worth nine dollars further adding in the manner in
which he had succeeded in accomplishing the trade and
that he Lieut Shardain had been so ashamed of being
So taken in that he had not worn the watch “since”
or words to that effect.  This at Fort Brown Texas
Specification 3rd
In this that he, Capt. James R. Marmion
3rd Regt Texas Infantry C.S.A. did on or about the 8th    day of August 1862 at Ringgold Barracks Texas.  Say
to or in the presence of Lieut Col A. Buchel 3rd Regt Texas
Infantry  C.S.A. commanding at Ringgold Barracks
that he had owned the watch” referred to and
described in the two foregoing specifications, but
two or three days and was ignorant that it was
not a gold watch when he accomplished the exchange
of watches with Said Lieut Shardain” or words to
that effect. This at Ringgold Barracks Texas

To all of which
The accused pleaded not “Guilty”
The Court after
Maturely considering the existence addressed, first
the accused Capt James R. Marmion 3rd Regt Texas
Infantry as follows “Viz”
Of the first specification
“Guilty” of the Second specification, “Guilty” of
the Third specification, “Guilty” substituting the words
”a short time” for two or three days of the charge
”Guilty” and do therefore Sentence the Said
Capt. J. R. Marmion 3rd Regt Texas Infantry to be
dismissed the service.
The commanding General
approves of the finding and Sentences of the General
Court Martial and orders the Sentence to be
carried into effect with the exception of the findings
and Sentence in the case of Capt. James r. Marmion
3rd Regt Texas Infantry C.S. Army which is hereby
disapproved and the accused will be released from
arrest and return to duty.
XV. The General Court
Martial of which Major W.O. Yager Mountain Battery
is president is hereby dissolved by order of

Brig Gen P.O. Herbert
Samuel Boyer Davis
A.A. General

Therefore we the undersigned officers of
The 3rd Regiment Infantry and of Capt E. Cruzbuire
artillery company, C.S.A. Army Stationed at
Ringgold Barracks Texas do respectfully protest
against the order of Brig Gen P.O. Herbert returning
Capt James R. Marmion to duty believing it to be
in violation of the regulations of the Army Art 38 Sec
872 and we further declare that we cannot Serve
in the Same corps with the Said Capt James R. Marmion
after being found Guilty of the charge and
specifications, unless forced to do so in Conformity with
a Strict compliance with the regulations.

The Verdict:
Capt James Roger Marmion's conviction was overturned by headquarters, he resigned his position in the
infantry, was given his back pay and joined the Marine Dept.
Eventually he commanded the Matagorda Marine Dist. untill the end of the war.
The Trial
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