This photo is of the grave of William Marmion and his wife Elizabeth. She died 1853 aged 66 years. William's year of death is not on the stone but we know from his will that he died 1865. If he was older than Eliz. he was born 1770s, '80s. This stone is slate which wears very well, much better than the granite headstones which surround it.
William was the grandfather of Sir John, he (William) lived in Lurganreagh. His will was hand written on the back of one of the L'pool family charts. This is an interesting grave. It is to the right as you enter the church grounds and I suspect it is a much older grave than 1853. Graves to the right as you enter a graveyard normally but not always are reserved for families of some importance. I suspect there are others buried in this grave but who? We have not found the graves of James and Christopher nor the older Pat and Richard. The building of the first Massforth church commenced in 1810 and while the church was not completed for some years burials appear to have commenced shortly after the commencement of building. The third photo shows Sir John's grave with the scenic background.
above Massforth (know as the Marmion burial ground, St Colmans Church.
Large red granite stone is grave of Sir John Marmion
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Above the grave of John Marmion, son of William (shown), and father of Sir John. While this is an attractive headstone it is only possible to make out some names. In one photo I used a flash and it showed up some lettering. John, his wife, and some of his children are buried here, most probably Margaret and Felix but there is quite a large inscription so I suspect the grave contains others. Chronologically this grave comes between that of William and Sir John. These three graves are the only identifiable Marmion graves in Massforth.
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Above, a photograph of the Grange Church
The Grange, Lady of Lourdes Church
Massforth, St Colman's Church
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The following are Marmion places in be more specific, the Marmion family in the Kilkeel area. Kindly taken
by Tom Cunningham.
who drove from Belfast all the way to Kilkeel to take these pictures.
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You can also read Dr Vincent Marmion's letters, who's ancestors built the church and owned this land.
The site on which it is built was originally acquired by Pat and Richard Marmion in 1779 from the Nedham family who later became the Earls of Kilmorey.. This is the third church on the site and was opened in 1879 although not fully completed. The internal furnishing carried on through the '80s and into the '90s, Click on the picture to get an entrance and inside view. Or jump to page 2 for more on the Grange Chapel.
This church was opened in 1926. Sir John Marmion, his brothers and sister contributed generously to its construction and furnishing and their mother Elizabeth donated the site which had been part of the family farm.'