The Grange
Above: you will see the Carville home formerly the home of the Grange Marmions. If you zoom in on the picture below you should see just to the left of the telephone post and partially concealed by trees the home of Sir John Marmion in the townland of Lurganconnery. Vincent Marmion's father and family lived here during WW11. It now belongs to a Dr. O'Hare. He is a very wealthy Newry business man and his wife who was reared near by is developing the land for organic farming. Roll mouse over picture for close-up.
The Mill and millhouse, Ballymagart.
Was originally a linen mill, by Arthur's father James and Uncle Christopher. Then it was passed to Alexander Macdonell, who was married to Arthur's sister Mary, and it became a paper making mill.
the Mill above and Millhouse below
Ballymagart mill and house. You can see the large mill wheel, about 24 (7m+) feet in diameter, one of the largest in Ireland. This was an overshot wheel and would have taken considerable water to start it moving. The mill dam is on higher ground up behind the mill buildings. The tail race flowed in front of the garden wall of the dwelling house. There is still a small flow of water in it.
This mill was feed by a stream which was especially dug to do so. A weir was constructed on the Whitewater River at some distance from the mill and sluice gates installed to regulate the amount of water entering the stream. These streams were known as a 'race'. The stream feeding the mill was the 'head race' and the stream flowing away from the mill the 'tail race'. There was also the 'back race' which allowed the stream to by pass the mill dam when it was full.

The house was originally thatched. When the thatch was replaced with slates the walls were increased slightly in height. The upper bedroom windows when the roof was thatched would have appeared as dormer windows. The present occupant has tried to preserve it more or less as it was. I suspect it was built between 1789 and 1800. Alex. Macdonell may have refurbished it during his time.
Bell Hill
sometimes called Belmont at Ballyardel
Home of James Marmion (Arthur's father)and Christopher Marmion (Arthur's Uncle)
by an Indenture of Lease dated the 15th of January 1789 made between William Scott of the one part and James Marmion and Christopher Marmion of the other part and the said William Scott demised all that and those the lower half town of Ballymagart together will such a quantity of turf ground for the use of the premisis only as would cut spread and dry on the bounds of six acres of the bog of Ballymagart adjoining the nearing of said William Scott's then late holding.....for a term of 999 years. Ballymagart being 64 and Ballyyardel being 12 acres.
the old Bellhill house is gone and was replaced about 30 years ago by a modern bungalow. It sat to the right of the walled garden among the trees,

The walled garden, the entrance to Bellhill.  The other entrance similar to this a short distance away. From where I took the gateway snap I turned slightly and took another showing the Mourne Mountains in the background.

These show what is left of the Bellhill walled garden. The entrance as you can see is bricked up. Parts of the walls are knocked down and sheep can gain access. This at one time would have been a truly magnificent garden, containing all sorts of fruit trees and vegetables. What you are looking at might well date to the 1740s as we know the garden existed then. There were two large houses at Bellhill and it is difficult to tell who in which. THe second house, from old maps, appears to have been built, about 100m out from the gateway in the photo which shows the sheep etc.
below:  another entrance view
Arthur Marmion was listed on the above property landlord was Alex Adderly and other lives was Jane Marmion. You can view it on the Freeholders page (4) line #26