Valuation of Tenents 1863
County of Down
Barony of Mourne Union of Kilkeel

Ballyardel                    Immediate Lessors                  Description Of Tenements                   Area

John W. Dowdall          James Thompson                          Bog                                       1--2--30
(Belle Hill)                                                                       Bog                                       3--0--20
                                                                       House, Offices & Land                           69--1--13
Rose Marmion              John W. Dowdall                House & Land                                     4--2--0
Hugh Marmion                       Same                             House
Anne Marmion                       Same                              House
James Lindsay                Alexander McDonnell               Land                                         6--2--25
Relationship of the above names:
Rose Marmion- Arthurs's youngest sibling (never married)

Dowdall's were married into family and held lands in trust because of the Marmion family refusal to change religion.

Alexander McDonnell was the husband of Mary Marmion and brother in law of Arthur Marmion. He was the father of Christopher Marmion McDonnell, and Allen and Mary McDonnell of Newry and Laredo.