William Henry Marmion Family
Wilbert Marmion
Bill Marmion Jr Newspaper Article
July 5 1936
William Henry Marmion at right,
son of Henry Murphy and Mary Elizabeth
W.H. Marmion Jr. July 6,1938
Bill Marmion July 10, 1938
W.H. Marmion Sr. Jan 26, 1939
Mrs W. H. Marmion Jan 29, 1939
Mrs W.H.  Marmion Feb 16, 1939
Bill Marmion Sr. Aug 4, 1940
Beaumont, TX
Bill Marmion Sr. Aug 30, 1940
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Beaumont Directories 1916-1922
left a present day photo of the
William H Marmion home on Highland
Ad with William H Marmion Sales Manager
William Military
Wilbert Military
Eppie Jane, Leila and Wilbert Jr shortly before his Naval enlistment (Left)
William Marmion
Wilbert and Eppie
Wilbert at Magnolia Refinery
Wilbert, Eppie, Eppie Jane, Wilbert Jr.