Christopher Marmion Macdonell
Allen Macdonell
Mary Macdonell
Macdonnell Family
These are the children of Alexander Macdonnell (born in Ft Augustus Scotland) and Arthur Marmion's sister Mary (born in County Down N. Ireland). They were born in Mourne (County Down) Ireland and immigrated to Laredo Texas. Buried in the Catholic Cemetery. CM left Ireland in his early 20's the family lost track of him during the Civil WAr and feared he was dead, he made it through the war and made his way to Laredo where he prospered and became one of the wealthiest men in Webb County. Upon his death his family was notified in Mourne Ireland and Mary and Allen, his remaining brother and sister immigrated to Laredo, and inherited his wealth. Both stayed there untill they died, and are buried next to him. John Convery (also from Mourne Ireland) worked in the furniture store and became the undertaker for Laredo. He married Elizabeth McLemon who at the time was Mary Macdonell's companion from Ireland
John and Elizabeth Convery are buried in the crypt behind Mary (center)
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