Arthur Marmion witness at a Dublin Trial
November of 1828
Arthur would have been in this Dublin neighborhood when run down by the dragoons, except on the other side of the River Liffey (Life) a block from the Customs House in the background. He would have been in his late 20's and dressed much like shown above. The Pantaloons were worn tight, and for them to be torn, must have left him injured somewhat. He was living in this city and Laurence was just born 4 months prior.
see Arthur and Catherine Marmion
The Arthur Marmion Tree in Ireland
The Arthur and Catherine Marmion Tree
With respect to
the family of Capt. Browne, I have located what seems to be a list of
the legacies he left to his children. Anne Browne received the largest
share, just over 540 pounds, while John, on the other hand, received
only 31 pounds. Most of the documents concern the administrative costs
for Capt. Browne's death, since he was intestate, and do not give any
details about Capt. Browne himself.
The Crombie/Cradock family is of local importance in the area just west of
Hamilton, Ontario, where our archives are located. In searching through
the Crombie records, I came across nothing which would suggest anything
about Erasmus Cope Browne other than that he was a Captain in the army
and that he held a number of stocks. It is possible that he established
some form of business after his military career and before his death,
but this is not reflected in the records we have here.
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