San Antonio, Texas, July 11,1933.

The Registrar, Office of Arms & Chancery
         of  the Order of St Patrick, Dublin, Castle.
                               Dublin, Irish Free State.

           On request of Consul Mathew Murphy of San Francisco, Calif.
I am writing for information in reguard to the history of the MARMION
FAMILY, which I understand from my father was ONE FAMILY OF MARMIONS
what I mean by this, is they WERE all RELATED.
Here are the names of my grand-father & grand-mother.
Arthur Marmion who was born in Newry County Down in the year 1790 and died
in 1862.              He married Catherina Murphy wo was born in 1799 and died
in 1869.                  Their Children was Lawrence A.Marmion born July 4-1828
Richard L. born Jan. 1-1830
James R,- born May 26-1832
Henry M. born March 14-1838
Jane E.-born May 29-1840
The above was one family, now there were other Marmions who were brot
-hers and sisters of Arthur Marmion,which I haven't got, but know some were
the Macdonell family-Dowdal family they were Marmions.
Christopher Marmion Macdonell was born in 1828 and his brother Allan was
born in July15-1829.              Then there was a Stephen Marmion who
was born in 1854, this is one family I would like to know, who his father
and mother was, and if he ever married in Ireland,which I believe he did
not, or did he have any brothers or sisters,I haven't much about him, there
fore know little about him,which I would like to know,(his relation to
the Marmion family)   Any thing you can give me about the Marmion family


or the history of them I would appreciate any information or have you
to advise me,where I can get the information I am seeking,and what it
would cost for your trouble.     Thanking you, I remain,

                                                  Yours  very  truly,
                                                   Alfred R. Marmion
                                                   333 E. French,Pl. 
reproduced from the original