I was wondering if you could help me. I am tracing my family tree. My immediate family come from Liverpool. My Great Grandfather was William Marmion and came to Liverpool from County Meath, his father was John and was a farmer this information was on William's marriage certificate to Hannah Reid. I have found a John Marmion from Meath on your website, however from the list of children there is no mention of William who was born approx 1867. William went on to father 13 children in Liverpool one of them being my grandfather, James. Can you please help me?
-Jane Marmion

It is a long time since I been in touch but tonight I was again looking at your family tree.  I made a Cunningham connection to your family. Alice Marmion, born June 12th, 1861 married James Doran and had a child Mary Alice Doran. Mary Alice married Peter O' Hagan and they had a daughter Alice who married Danny Joe Cunningham.  This Danny Joe is my mother's second cousin and that is where I go when I am in Ireland. I was over for several days this past summer.   - Marilyn Brown


I'm searching for Elizabeth Marmion b. Dec 12, 1838 Dublin; d. Apr 30, 1929 NYC, USA  -Edwin


Thank you for all your work.  My mother's mother was a Marmion from Perth, Scotland and there are mentions in the census of my gran's sister Catherine Marmion and my mum's uncle Nick.    -Wendy


I am a great, great great Grandchild of Matthew Marmion who was a brother to Joseph Marmion.  I do not know his wife's name and the only decendant of his I know is my great great grand mother Amelia Esther who was born in Dublin and died in NZ in 1935.

The earliest Marmion I have is his grandfather Matthew who I believe married Elizabeth O'Rourke.

I am interested in finding out more information.

Bruce Albert wrote trying to find Samuel Marmions details. Samuel was a carpenter 1892-1972 the son of Patrick Marmion (1862-1929) and Ann Merrifeld (1863-1943)(Cornish stock from Plymouth area). dsp - no issue. He married Hannah Warren and lived in Kensington in the 1930's. Hannah died in 1957. My cousin Virginia Noonan (Nee Marmion) has done that branch.


Anyone interested in the family of Patrick Marmion and Mary Gahan from Manooth, Co Meath they may contact me. Their son Peter Edward Marmion b1829 migrated to Melbourne, Vic in 1858 and died 1908 in Essendon. He was working at the Melbourne hospital where he married a widow Mary Morris (nee O'Brien) in 1861. 6 children had issue. We have never been able to find the parents in Ireland. He also had siblings - no real details.    -Clem Edwards

Is the Marmion name connected to the name of Marmillon.  Edmond Marmillon was the owner of the San Francisco Plantation in Louisiana.
I just wondered if there was a connection. Thank you.

very helpful -Amelia


thank you so much for your work I was able to find my great grandfather Peter Marmion born 1866 Kilkeel and from that filled in lots of details of his family.

My name is Bruce Albert and I am trying to find a connection to a lining board I found while renovating a cottage in Victoria, Australia (South Gippsland). On the board was written in pencil,"Samuel Marmion,10th of May 1915, war between Germany and England, Australians fighting Turks at the Dardenelles, (Dardenelles not easy to read) going to enlist". We beleive he was working for a builder named Frank Bird. the cottage was built in the town of Yarram. I have tried the war memorial in Canberra but cannot find any record of a Samuel Marmion enlisting in the 1st world war, there are no Marmion families locally.Hoping you may have some information or know of a link somewhere,
regards Bruce Albert_

I live in the Liversedge home at 110 W. Beach blvd.  Do you know who built the house?
Katherine C.

Looking for the siblings of Mary Kinney from your site;

Patrick Marmion Born: Abt. 1836 Kilkeel, Co. Down, N. Ireland . d: 07 Jun 1889 Kilkeel, Co. Down, N. Ireland .
..............+Mary Kinney Born: 1835 Magheragh, Kilkeel, Co. Down, N. Ireland . m: 05 Jul 1860 in Kilkeel, Co. Down, N. Ireland . d: 07 Jun 1901 Lurganreagh, .........................................Kilkeel,.Co. Down, N. Ireland

Great site.  I am a descendant of Anselme (Samuel) Marmen.  I have always believed he was a Marmion because he was from Gloucestershire.  However, it was good to see your information on the Marmens of Quebec.  May I ask where you got your information?

David O'Reilly who was adopted by John Marmen of Saint-Octave-de-Métis is my great-great-grandfather. So Elizabeth Noble was my great-great-grandmother. I am in possession of their family bible. Their daughter Mary Ann O'Reilly married Jean-Baptiste Côté(my great-grandparents). They had a son Johnny Côté who married Marie-Louise Smith (my grandparents). They had a daughter Claudine Côté who married Luc Courcy (my parents).

You can read about David O'Reilly at the following site:  http://www.causapscal.net/e_1a.html

Donald Courcy - The Radioman

Wonderful Site with huge amount of info
Many thanks
Desmond Marmion

Loved the website.  I come from the Clonallan, County Down Garveys.  Records show Christopher Garvey in the 1740s in Clontafleece. I was wondering if we were related or if you had any information on this family.  His son was James Garvey (married Rose McConnelly) and Robert Garvey who married a McGee.




Charles Francis Marmion. Plus I saw my gradfathers picture also with my aunt. It was nice to find our where are family all started.
Icela Marmion Compston


My father was Albert Edward Marmion.  His father was Richard Edward Marmion, who died right before my dad's birth.  Nettie (Marie Zimmerman) Marmion was my dad's mom. When her brother (Uncle Lee) died, Grandma Nettie came to live with us.  Grandma was very loving (she was half German and half Irish.  She loved to tell stories.  However, she never wanted to talk about the past.  So, I am thrilled to learn about the Marmions!  My Uncle Richard and Uncle Elmo were my dad's two brothers; both died at twenty-something. 
Albert Marmion, my dad, married Rose Lavier (my mom).  They were four daughters:  Rosalie, Gail, Marie, and Kathleen -  and one son, Leo. 
Grandma Nettie Marmion died in 1962.
Leo Marmion died in 1986.
Albet Marmion died in 1997 (91 years old).  My sisters and I really believed that the Marmion name has died out.  Thank you - thank you
We have found our entended family - from the past and from the present!

My eldest daughter, Deirdre gave birth to twin daughters in April 2006 and is due to give birth to her third daughter shortly.  She has requested a family tree. 

Therefore, this site is proving very useful to me.  My name is Penelope Marmion.  I was born in London.  My father Peter Marmion was the son of Lilian Marmion, late of Liverpool, England.  Lilian's husband was John Marmion.

I am very grateful to the person who took the time to produce this site. I sure my family will continue to use it.

Thank you

Penelope Marmion


Today I found your Marmion website through Google and I am delighted because it has been so hard for me to find out about the family. My family's connection to the Marmions is slight via Gertrude Marmion.........
Betty Torno

Under Florida residents in your data base both my grandparents are listed under deaths...

Evelyn May Marmion 31 Oct 1984 Polk 83 White 2 Nov 1900
Mark Edward Marmion 27 Sep 1995 Polk 99  White 5 Sep 1896 
and my mother under marriages.....

Mary Helen Marmion Aug 1956 Alachua 

regretfully Mary Helen Marmion Gray passed away June 20 2005.   She was born May 21, 1933.

She leaves behind two other named Marmions.    Her son
Mark Edward Marmion Gray and
Mark Edward Marmion Gray, Jr.  who both live in Peachtree City GA and are honored and proud to carry on the Marmion name.

Thank you.


Well, I guess this isnt really an inquiry so-much-as a thank you. I have been looking for information on my paternal grandfather's family. I found out through random searches he is the son of a Marmion. He is actually listed (5th generation) on the Arthur Marmion page. His name was Clifford A Lohse Jr. His mom was Leonara Elizabeth Marmion. I was able to add four generations to my tree. I also have the descendant info on Clifford A Lohse Sr, should anyone care...all the way down to my one year old son. Which, by the way is why I am tracking it all down. For him. So again, thank you.

Sarah (Lohse) Mantsch

To whom may be able to help us track our Irish roots!
We are looking for the birth place in Ireland of our great-grandfather, John Marmion who was born in Ireland in about 1845  and my great grandmother Mary Marmion (nee Moratty) also born in Ireland in about 1843. We don't know if they married in Ireland or England.

They emigrated to England before 1865 and lived in Gorton, Manchester, both worked in cotton mills. My g.grandmother was a cotton weaver and my g.grandfather was a cotton grinder!. Also my grandfather was a cotton grinder (mill work was probably in their blood).

We think they had at least two sons, the oldest was John born in Manchester in 1865 and my grandfather, Edward 1867 and grandmother, Louise 1879 (nee Brown)  both born in Gorton, Manchester.

We know from the 1901 census that they all  lived together at 17 Mary St in Gorton Manchester, with my grand parents first two children.

We never knew any of our grandparents, and for some reason my late father was very vague about his parents and grandparents past history, there were stories that my g. Grandparents were from Ireland and that my grandfather was in the church at some time, but nothing concrete. The 1901 census was the first time we had a clear record showing the both of our g. Grandparents originated from Ireland.

Any help or advise on where we should be looking would be greatly appreciated.
Paul Marmion


I’ve just come across your wonderful site.

Bessy Marmion who married first Charles Murphy and then John Dowall was my great great grandmother. It is wonderful to have all this information on her. My grandfather gave one of his sons Magenis as a middle name. It was said that he claimed decent from the Magenises of Iveagh. Now I know it was true.




Thank you for your work on this website. It's an amazing resource.I
to make sure you knew of an incorrect piece of information- my
James Richard Marmion was not adopted. Although his father did take in
Wells children later in life, he did not legally adopt them and my
Grandfather was not one of these kids. I'm sure as passionate as you
about genealogy you can understand how important this is. My
Grandfather was
very dear to me and I am sending this request in his honor. If the
or yourself is able to make corrections
Amy Estes


I found Robert L. Lohse, b. 3-26-1928 listed in your Marmion family tree, quite by mistake I am sure.  I have a certified copy of Robert Lee Lohse, Jr.'s birth certificate, and his parents were Robert Lee Lohse and Irene Georgette Webster.  He had no siblings.  I inherited from him when he died on 10-11-1999.  If there could possibly have been another Robert L. Lohse b. 3-26-1928 in Houston, he surely would not have also died on 10-11-1999 in Bellaire.  Something is fishy here. 

Thank you for checking this out,
Jim Heathman in Texas, also a genealogist

The obituary for Donald says his uncle was Robert L. Lohse.  That would be Clifford A. Lohse Sr.'s brother, and that would likely be Robert Lee Lohse, Sr. (7-24-1887 - Aug 1962) who married Irene Georgette Webster.  Robert Lee Jr.'s birth certificate lists his father's age as 40 and mother's age as 35.  Robert Lee Jr. told me he had traced his Lohse family back to the Bahamas, but he never discussed any relatives on his father's side.  Looks like Clifford Sr. married a Marmion, so Robert L (Sr. or Jr.) should not be in the Marmion family tree.

I am not related to the Lohse family.  Robert Lee Jr. (3-26-1928 - 10-11-1999) had no surviving family closer than a first cousin or two on his mother's side and left his estate to Rice University, the two children of a first cousin, and about 44 of his friends, of which I am one.

The most interesting thing to me is that your Lohses were members of the Church of the Redeemer in Houston, a charismatic Episcopal congregation.  When I bought my ranch in 1983 from a member of that church, the ranch had been leased to the church for the previous 10 years as a summer camp.  With the place came 3 old horses the kids rode.  My house is the converted dining hall/recreation room.  Robert Lee was here several times and would find this very interesting were he still alive.

Thanks very much,
Jim Heathman


My tata was Charles Frances Marmion who married Sally Orona.  Their eldest daughter, had my daddy, .  This is so exciting for me!!!  My grandma, Sally, has been trying to do our family tree, we keep getting stuck tho.  My Great Grandma Sally Orona passed on in 2005, and
alot of our research was at her house, we can't find it.  My grandma used to tell me stories when I was little about how some of our Irish ancestors that she knew of from her daddy.  My greatgrandpa, Charles Frances Marmion, missed his father very much.  My grandma told me that a few days before he died he was crying because he said his father and brothers came for him in a car and kept saying to come on, but
he couldn't get up to go as he was blind.  He died about 1986, and I still miss him so, he was a kind and gentle giant.  He stood over 6 feet tall, but was the greatest.  We called him blindfolded tata, we didn't understand what blind was.  he used to play games with us and sneak us candys, he was the greatest.  I am so excited!!  Thank you so much for replying, everyone will be thrilled.
Take care!

Cousin Kathy and Cousin Rita


I love that the article on our barefoot rebel relative that says that the Teeling family was influential in Dublin since that's the name of MY company today (LOL)!Also, I can tell you that Bartholomew Teeling seems to be a popular family name relating back to a famous, or infamous, Irish republican who has a statue (and street) in Collooney, Sligo in his honor for valor in the 1798 rebellion.  He was eventually hanged my grandfather used
to say for stealing horses (which appears incorrect unless there were others).  I'm sure many a descendant has been named in his honor.  It seems the whole name became famous after that.
My dad may be able to add more

- Mike

Just found your site and wondered if I might be distantly related to you?
What is the best way to find out?
I had a family tree made up years ago for my Grandfather, it stated that our family invaded Scotland with William the conqueror many moons
ago and settled there and gradually migrated south in the UK ! The name used to be De Marmion (French) but on settling in Britain the De was dropped and so is now Marmion. I have also had correspondence from people in France inviting us, as family members to celebrate the memory of Columba Marmion. Im not entirely sure if im related to him, my Grandfather has also had some sort of correspondences regarding Columbus but the senders are normally wanting money which immediately deters him from having anything to do with it.I will try and give your site more attention when im not at work but it would be interesting to hear from you.

Best Regards
Simon Marmion


Hi, I was visiting your website and see that you are from WA too!  We just moved here from OH (originally from IL) in 7/04.
Pat Marmion


I just found your site and found it to be very professional looking. Congratulations.Our Marmions came to Michigan from Canada about 1870 (James, born about 18510.His father was in the British army at London, Ontario, but I don't know anything more.I wanted some more information about the Scotland connection.  Where are your listings from?
Also, we're travelling to Normandy next week (I was researching Fontenay-le-Marmion when I found your site) Do you have anything moreabout Fontenay-le-Marmion.
L. Marmion


I have visited your website and look forward to reading more on it. By the way, I noticed the coat of arms on the website, where did you find that? I would like to get one for our family. My father has a large, framed coat of arms he has has for many years. I also like the Origin of the name page. All in all, very nice website.
D. Marmion

.....keep up the good work,  bringing Marmions together through our common family history

Bob Marmion


we had a great time in france, especially normandy.  we went to fontenay le marmion and met the village priest and deputy mayor.  the mayor and a 'historian' are going to write me when they get back to town.there's a section of ancient wall there that they presume might have been part of the marmion castle. part of a barnyard.  we should do
something to preserve it.
The Marmions


I was wondering if you folks have tried to also check the name as spelledin original French such as Antoine Marmillion, a baker at #4 Conti, New Orleans in 1822.
The names that I copied from the Family tomb were only those that were available.  Likely, there were other names that would have been on front plates that have fallen off from decay.  Another fact is that mostof the inscriptions were probably placed at one time and may be written as memorials and not necessarily dictate that the bodies are at rest there.  However, the tomb is quite large and through the years could
contain quite a few remnants. You may check and edit and add to the following site:
Thank you for your inclusions, for without, I would not have had enough to justify the page constructions.


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I know nothing of the Marmion side of the family except what I read in a book on the Preble Family of America.Lydia Ingraham Hall married Dr.Nicolas Marmion. Esaias Preble married Lydia Ingraham of Maine. Their daughter,Statira Preble married John Hancock Hall of Maine.They moved to Harpers Ferry,Va. where he was Supt.of the Govt.Armory.He invented "Hall's breech loading rifle". And i believe the rifle was used in the civil war.He had some kind of accident and moved to Randolph Co.,Mo. in 1840.Soon after his sons and daughter went to Mo. MYgt.gt. grandfather was the Gov.Willard Preble Hall.He went to Yale,studied the law with a brother,Wm.P.Hall.Later he joined the Mormon militia and went to Santa Fe,and on to California.After he returned to Mo.he bacame a congressman from Mo.1847-1853; In 1861-1864 he was Lt.Gov.And Gov.1864-1865.He retired from public office and resumed his law practice in St.Joseph,Mo.He married 1st Anne Eliza Richardson (She was my gt.gt.grandmother) M2nd to Ollipita Oliver(what a name).Her father was Major Mordecai Oliver.They had two sons but I dont think they lived very long.Dont know for sure? ---Their son,John Nathaniel Hall,a farmer,lived in St.Joseph and married Anne Victoria Leonard,dau.of Judge Solomon Leonard.He bought about 30,000 acres of cotton land in North Texas.Not far from Dallas.--Their son,Willard Preble Hall2nd, was my grandfather,also a lawyer and farmer as he inherited land in Mo. and Texas.He married my grandmother, Bess Dougherty,of Liberty,Mo. where my mother was born.Elizabeth Hall,my Mom,was the only child.
Bye for now.
F. Stafford

I'm in the middle of researching the 18th/19th century population of Marylebone (part of archaeological/historical work on Marylebone parish) and I came across your website while searching for information on Mary Marmion.
She died in 1827 aged 52, and was buried in Marylebone parish churchyard. She lived in Upper Park Place, Marylebone. Do you by any chance know more about her?
Robin Wroe-Brown


My name is Patricia Wallace.  I live in LA.  I am trying to find out some info on the three sisters that lived and owned the home on 753 East Beach Rd.  My grandfather was Stanley Lemarie of New Orleans.  My parent's were Frederic and Donna Swigart.  We had the summer home on 757 East Beach during the 40's-60's.  I was told that the Davis sister's willed the house to my grandfather.  I was also told that the sisters had a school in the back part of the house.  I have driven by the houses since Katrina and my heart was broken with the distruction of these
two houses.  I would love to find out more about the Davis sisters if you can assist me in anyway. Thank You, Trish Wallace 


I am very interested in Esther's letter.  My Kearneys lived in Cumberland from about 1830-1860ish.  The parents came from Ireland and the first son, James (1820) was born in Frederick County.  Two other children were Margaret who never married and Michael who married late in life.  The mother's name was Ellen DeVoy Kearney and we have been unable to determine the father's given name.  He died before the 1830 census.
Thank you,

What a wonderful gift you have to past on to your children.
Your site came to me from a friend in Greencastle, Co. Down. My great great grandfather was Francis Cunningham from Lurganreagh Co. Down. He had  two sons Thomas and Nicholas.  Nicholas Cunningham married Elizabeth Rodgers of Greencastle. Her father was Edward Rodgers a seaman.  They were married in Liverpool England in 1869 and around 1873 came to New Brunswick, Canada.

Last summer I travelled to Northern Ireland to meet some relatives in Greencastle. According to people I talked to the Rodger's family lived in the Bellhill house.  They were likely renters.   They tell me Rodgers was not a common name in that area. I have not been able to find anything about  my great grandmother Elizabeth Rodgers or her brothers and sisters, Arthur, Brigette, Patrick and maybe others.I was just wondering if in all your findings if anyone remember a Rodger's family living in that area?. Again I enjoy your site very much as it gives me a bit of history of my own family.  Keep up the good work. 

Marilyn (Cunningham) Brown

I am a descendant of Henry Murphy Marmion.
  Your link was sent to me by another researcher I know online.  I have worked on my Alexander line on and off for a few years, and find that the two sides were all from the same maritime neighborhood on both sides of the Irish Channel for a very long time, including some of the same Irish counties.
am very interested in what Tom Cunningham included regarding the famous architect James Gallier, Sr. (1798-1866). I am putting together a little bit of research on this connection which may have continued in New Orleans where Arthur was a general and real estate agent at 287 Camp St. from 1839, four years after Gallier arrived in 1835 and the same year Gallier began working on the completion of the old St. Patrick catholic church at 724 Camp St.  Thus James Gallier, Sr. and Arthur Marmion were within mere blocks of each other and in businesses where their acquaintance might be expected.  Tom's article relates that in 1818 when Arthur was 18, the 20-year-old Gallier "would have been well known to the Marmions" and "would have been a frequent guest in Marmion homes" while he was enlarging the big house at Morne for Lord Kilmorey.  The Marmion and Related Families Story, p. 3.  It would be interesting to locate some confirmation that they had dealings in America.
  Mainly I wanted to say that you have a beautiful web site, and I would like to help with information we may be able to supply.

King Alexander

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