Western  Sub Dist: of Texas
Fort Brown April 10th at 1863

Colonel SP Burkhardt
San Antonio Texas


You well on receipt of this communication, as captain J.R. Marmion 3rd Infantry ____ brought before you and hand to him the enclosed package, which he will destroy in your presence. You will say to Capt. Marmion that he has committed a grave Military offence in transmitting letters under his official hand to aid known a traitor and enemy of his Govt., he is also guilty of using the address of a valued and loyal citizen, Mrs. Cook to cover what may have been to teason; that I have been inclined to give him the benefits of the doubt as to whether he knew he was doing wrong- and with this reprimand will remind him that, he cannot be to careful of his conduct and that as long as he wears the uniform of his country; he must not allow his private feelings to sway him from the direct path of duty and loyalty .

The money will be a returned to Miss Hewett and should she wish to correspond on matters concerning her deceased husbands estate, that her letters must be sent direct to me, when if in my judgment ____ they will be forwarded .

With great respect,
H P Bee
Brig. Genrl: __

I have determined to forward two of the letters as they are addressed to women, the money will be retained to paid the postage  ~35 ~

This was an acusation of treason. During the time James was awaiting the acceptance of his resignation see http://www.marmionfamilytree.com/JRMpg13.html. .

Gen Bee must not have believed that James was committing treason, if he had James would undoubtedly have been subjected to the punishemnt that offense carried with it.
Gen Bee would also have
not then decided to forward the letters on... and the other letter would have not just been  destroyed in James' presence.
I think that his letter of resingnation gives us a clue. He says he was subjected to a "System of persecution uncalled for and undeserved by me"
read the letter
After what James terms a campaign of harrassment against him, this could very well be the more of the same. We do know that once he left this command and he became a sailor, things turned around for him and he wound up commanding the Marine District.