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Laura Marmion
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Arthur and Catherine Marmion     #1
Laurence A J Marmion          #2
Richard L S Marmion           #3
James R Marmion               #4
Henry M Marmion               #5
The Marmion Family of County Down
Christopher Marmion Macdonell
Mary Macdonnell & Allan Macdonnell
Jane Elizabeth Marmion        #6
Mary Ellen Marmion            #6
The Arthur Marmion Tree
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Originally spelled Marmyon, this is the family beginning in France
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S i t e  M a p
Though varying wishes, hopes, and fears.
fever'd the progress of these years,
Yet now, days, weeks, and months
but seem the recollection of a dream.
    - Marmion -introduction to canto IV  
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