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County Down
St Paul's School
The Family at the Pass about 1909
Top Row: L to R -Nellie Nelson Lang, John Lang, ukn, ukn, ukn, Mary Nunn, Eloise L. Marmion, Metta Nelson (sister Ursula), ukn , Jane Marmion Nelson, Kate Nelson (Sister Borgia), ukn
Bottom Row: L to R -Harry B Nunn seated front, unk child, Elnora Allan?, Ellie Marmion Dale, Ada Nelson Nunn, Agnes Nelson Liversedge holding Ann , Mary Marmion Dale, Emily Lang,  and John Liversedge
If anyone has any idea who the unknown individuals are please email us. Most of the children are the Lang children.
Big Thanks to Kelly S. for the photo
photo at right: from left to right
John Liversedge, Agnes Liversedge,
Ann Liversedge, Ottilie May Lambert
& Martha Helen Nelson
on their visit to Europe August- October 1925
The Union troops shelled Pass Christian on the 4th inst., and landed 2400 men and twelve 4-pound howitzers. Pass Christian is situated near St. Louis Bay, within 50 miles of New Orleans. It is a port village of Harrison County, Mississippi, 13 miles from Mississippi City.
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John Lang, author of
History of Harrison County"
Husband of Nellie Nelson Lang
Read his bio from
this book
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Story of Capt Nelson and Jefferson Davis
and the transportation of his houshold goods.
Katherine Nelson, Sister Borgia obit
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Dale in Dahlgren Guard
Martha's Memories of the Pass
Captain Nelson's Birthplace
see the Nelson window, it along with the Marmion window
once resided inside the church
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Family Photo Album
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Jane & Mary
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Nelson, Lang, Liversedge and Nunn
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Rebuilding The Pass 2008
the whole reason this group is going to
Mississippi is because of Sugar Ford!
Catherine Murphy Marmion
born in Newry N. Ireland
wife of Arthur Marmion, mother of Jane and Mary lived here as well. While Arthur and Catherine had a home and tenants in New Orleans and Arthur's business as a broker kept him in New Orleans most often, Catherine found and fell in love with Pass Christian when a doctor suggested they move to Bay St Louis to improve health. Her 4 sons built her a cottage on the beach lot she purchased. She lived next to her daughters. However, Catherine also had a residence in NOLA, even after Arthur died. Ann Marmion either Arthur's sister or sister in law came to live with them as well. Catherine volunteered her services as a nurse during the Civil War, at Culpeper VA, she was said to have been a natural at nursing, She is mentioned in the published diary of
Mary Sophia Hill. then on Aug of 1870, at the age of 70 Catherine contracted Cholera and died.
(cholera, a bacterial disease which struck the digestive system so quickly that one could be healthy in the morning and dead by evening)
Jane Elizabeth Marmion
born in Dublin, Ireland
oldest daughter and second to last child of Arthur and Catherine Marmion. Jane married Capt John Nelson. in 1851.
CAPT. JOHN NELSON Was born in Denmark in 1890. At the age of 13 years he shipped as cabin boy on a vessel plying the seas out of Kahlenbur. After reaching manhood he settled on the Mississippi Coast where he was engaged as steerman on steamers plying between New Orleans and the Coast. He then became Master of the schooner Louisa belonging to John Huddleston of what is now DeLisle. He finally became owner of the vessel and continued in the Coast-wise trade along the coast. He ran blockade during the Civil War. In the 70ís he became a pilot at Ship Island at the Pass and was instrumental in organizing the Ship Island Pilot  Association. He also spent time serving as mayor. There were born to this union 9 children: Ada, married Sam B. Nunn; Nellie, married John H. Lang; Kate, became Sister Borgia; Metta, became Sister Ursula; John P. and Loretto Nelson, Robert, Paul, and Agnes, who married J. C. Liversedge.  He died 1896 at the age of 76 and is buried in St. Paulís Cemetery, Pass  Christian, Mississippi His son John P "Cap" Nelson died the same year. His sons Robert who died at 21 and son Paul died while working on the Panama Canal, all died far too young, most of the daughters however lived long and contented lives. Jane and John Nelsons decendants still live at The Pass today.
Mary Ellen Marmion
born in Baltimore, MD
2nd daughter married John Jackson Dale. Mary was the youngst child of Arthur and Catherine and the only child born in the US, she was born in Baltimore MD. She may well have been delivered by Dr Nicholas Marmion. Mary married John Jackson Dale who was from a large local family. She and John never had any children of thier own. She was blind the last 40 years of her life because of cataracts.
John Jackson Dale was Mayor of Pass Christian in 1874.
Ellie, the daughter that Mary and John Dale adopted was most likely Mary's brother, Richard Marmion's child. His wife Ellen died the same year Ellie was born, and Richard died a few years later. (Ellie Dale and Elouise Marmion, Richard's daughtrer by first wife Selina, refered to themselves as "sisters").
Pass Christian, Mississippi
Jane Elizabeth Marmion Nelson
& Mary Ellen Marmion Dale