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n the book With the Makers of San Antonio: Genealogies of the Early Latin, Anglo ... -
by Frederick Charles Chabot reguarding this family there are some errors: the most notible of which is James's birthplace which is Clonallan, Warrenpoint County Down Northern Ireland. An ancient Marmion and Murphy place. Also Kate's name is listed a Catlina, it it Catarina...the Austrian version of Catherine.
The Angles
Little known fact- The Town of Angelton Texas is named after Kate Lockmar Marmion's sitster- Adelina Lockmar Angle, wife of G.W. Angle who at the time of it's nameing was mgr of the Velasco RR.
San Antonio, TX

James Roger Marmion was born  
in Clonallan, Warrenpoint,
County Down,
Northern Ireland.
Kate Lockmar, was born in
San Antonio ,Texas and
decends from one of the first 13
Canary Islander Colonists in San Antonio.
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Anton Lockmar

In the Baptismal Records for San Fernando Cathedral is written: "Maria Catharina Lockmar" was  born Aug 6, 1842, the legitimate daughter of Antonio Lockmar and Apollinaria Trevino. God parents: Tomas Addicks and Maria Trinidad Soto."  Father Calvo baptized the child and signed the book. It was dated Sept 22, 1842, on page 82, and was baptism # 726. Kate's father died when she was very young and Apolinaria remarried Francis P Giraud, who was the first city surveyor and architect and a Mayor in San Antonio.
James Roger Marmion  
M. Catalina "Kate" A. Marmion
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John Gordon Marmion and wife Elese
James Richard Marmion
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County Down
NOT PICTURED daughter Isabela
James immigrated in 1835, and he grew up in New Orleans and Pass Christian MS. He worked with his mother and father on thier trips to Mexico as a clerk comming to San Antonio sometime in the 1850's,
possibly after 1855 since all of Catherine's sons built her a cottage in Pass Christian in the early 1850's. He was listed in the 1860 census as a merchant with quite a bit of money. James and Kate lived at 638 Soledad San Antonio, Texas  all of thier lives..  He joined the Alamo Rifles, and then at the outbreak of the Civil War, joined the Trans Mississippi as a Capt. He lead Marmion's artillery. He eventually became a
marine and was Commander of Matagorda Bay. At the end of the
war he returned to San Antonio and his family. He was  a wholesale liquor dealer. 
and operated the Commercial Saloon w/ Wm. Prescott.
Then in 1880 he was Postmaster of San Antonio. He was rather politically active, a democrat and was involved in many a political debate. He owned a silver mone in Mexico with his brother Richard which was confiscated when  it began to produce quite a bit of silver by the Mexican Governmen in the 1870'st.
All of James and Kate's sons graduated with engineering degrees fron St Mary's
in San Antonio. They had minning intrests in  Mexico until the government confiscated them. Always hard working, he was at time misunderstood.

The San Antonio City Directories of 1891-94 show the following: J.R. Marmion (James and Kate's son), civil
engineer, living at 638 Soledad, 1893; at the same address J.G. (John Gordon), 1893 and 1894,
Harry Marmion, 1893-94, and Alfred R.Marmion 1894, three of his sons.