Booth's "Records" also contains a militia record for a Richard Marmion. His name appeared on  an undated muster roll as 1st Sergeant, Company C, 3rd Regiment, 1st Brigade, 1st  Division, Louisiana Militia (Company C, 3rd European Infantry Regiment Louisianas) "ordered into the service of the State of Louisiana." This record probably dates from November 1861.
LA Archives)
Marmion R. porter 53 Camp 1861 New Orleans City Directory
Richard marries Selina Blair. On son's death certificate she is listed as Sara Blair born in New Orleans , however she is buried in the tomb in Pass Christian, having died at the height of a yellow fever epidemic and she is listed as Selina Blair, and the census says she was born in Georgia, though probably raised in New Orleans.
Marmeon Beauregard son of Richard L. S. Selonia Blair M W 11/25/1861  birth When Selina died, Richard remarried Ellen, we don't yet know Ellen's last name. After Ellen's death Richard marries Elizabeth Kennedy. Marmion R. L. S. 40 M - Eliza Kennedy 36 07/10/1872 3 152  Marriage Index
Marmion Richard Englebert (should be EDWARD) Richard R. S. Elizabeth Kenedey M - 09/07/1873 64 241 birth
After just a short time Richard dies leaving Elizabeth and Richard Edward
. Marmion Wid. Richard L. S. 38 Murray John C. 38 10/13/1884 10 842  Marriage Index
Elizabeth remarries John Murrary, and it is in this household that Richard Edward is raised. Richard Edward marries Nettie.
Marmion Richard L. 26 M - Nettie Zimmermann 19 08/21/1901 23 272 Marriage Index
Marmion Richard E. 31 yrs - W 04/20/1906 137 death index  After her husband Richard dies, Nettie moves back in with
her parents, who leave her the house  when they die and she raises her 3 sons alone. Albert is the last male Marmion, Albert has 3 daughters who still live in New Orleans.
Albert Edward Marmion December 8, 1997 death index
Richard L.S.  Marmion was a warehouseman in 1870,
possibly also working in the distrbution of liquor at the time.
Many in the family were wholesale dealers:
James Roger Marmion in Texas
John Thorn in NOLA
Henry Marmion in MO
CM MacDonnell in Texas  
(more to be uncovered)
     at the time of  his death in 1873 he was also Vice President of theHibernian B and MAA  of LA Branch # 8    
Richard Marmion 39 lives in the 1st ward is a warehouseman (there was a Marmion Warehouse that held Liquor and brother Laurence worked there as well.
Ellen wife 28 bn Ireland (Selina died Sept 24th 1867...so these children are hers)
Edmond 15 Clerk
Pierce 12
Eloise 10 (who later moved back to Pass Christian and lives with Aunt Mary Dale)
James 8 (here is another James!)
Boarding with them are:
Mary Sabine 19 bnTX
Johan Sabine 14 bn LA
Martha Sabine 6 bn LA
Francis Sabine 3 bn LA
Richard Edward Marmion
age 25 10th ward bn LA grocer
Richard bn 1903 ,
Albert E. bn 1906
Elmore bn 1905
in Orleans Parish.
Nettie Zimmerman Marmion has moved in with her parents following the death of Richard E. Marmion at the very young age of 31:
Ben Zimmerman head age 71 printer lives in the 10th ward 2404 Felicity St. N.O.
Mary wife 58 bn MS
Anthony son 30 glazer lumber mill
Lee son 25 glazer lumber mill
Nettie Marmion daughter 27
Richard grandson 7
Elmo  grandson 5
Albert grandson 4
At the Zimmerman house Nettie
listed as Ellen in the home of her parents:
Ellen Marmion 37
Richard 16
Elmore 15
Albert 13
Edward  Marmion Death Cert.
1880 Census
Percy Marmion Death Cert
Marmion-Zimmerman tomb inscriptions
Richard LS Marmion's sons Edward and Percy (whose mother was Selina Blair), moved to Chicago IL and married,  and are buried along with their wives there.
Richard Edward Marmion Death Cert
Marmion-Zimmerman Tomb List
Richards LS Marmion Children
newspaper obits Chicago
Richard LS Marmion newpaper obit
1858 Land Transaction
Elosie Lavelle Marmion,
  deaughter of
Richard L.S. Marmion
and Celina Blair Marmion,
she is the only child to
survive to old age
Ellie Marmion Dale is the child of Richard and Ellen, adopted and
raised by Mary Marmion Dale (see #6, Pass Christian) where both lived neither ever married
Eloise in abt 1909
Eloise in abt 1930
MFT                                                                                                                  www.marmionfamilytree.com
Richard Edward Marmion stepfather Murray

Richard was born in Dublin, Ireland. We believe his middle intiials stand for Laurence, probably after his mother's father Laurence Murphy and Samuel, we are not sure where this comes from. Richard was six when he immigrated to the US. He grew up in New Orleans and Pass Christian. One of his first jobs was that of a cooper (barrel maker) on a plantation. It was a physically tough job. He worked as a porter in one of the New Orleans hotels before going into the grocery business. He invested in land deals with his brother James of San Antonio and may have had a stake in the silver mines of Mexico with the rest of his family.
His first wife was Selina (Celina) Blair who died young of what appears to have been the yellow fever epidemic of 1867, she was laid to rest in the Marmion Tomb at Pass Christian. Richard's second wife was Ellen ? died after just a few short years of marriage most likely in childbirth. Third wife Elizabeth Kennedy married Richard shortly after Ellen died and after the birth of their first child together, a son, he committed suicide. Sadly that infant son Richard EdwardMarmion died a very  young man as well, having contracted TB. The sons of Richard Edward Marmion is the only line of this family to survive. His two daughters never married and lived at Pass Christian, MS.
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Richard LS Marmion died of a
gunshot wound in 1873.
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